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Hello everyone, to those of you who love and contribute to the gardens in your neighborhood, it's a noble job and certainly a lot of fun.

Today I would like to show you some photos of the garden which has several plants being cultivated there and almost reaching harvest time.

Exactly 20 days ago after my post was published, I discussed this garden and at that time there were cucumber plants being harvested, also there was also vacant land that was under maintenance, this was to make the soil more fertile and to avoid soil viruses that will attack plants later.

You can Click Here to see the previous post that I discussed about the garden.


Today right after one month ago I went back to discussing the garden, because in it there are 2 types of chili plants, and there are differences between one and the other.

Alright, for the first time I want to discuss plants that grow fresh and are minimally infected with viruses/diseases. Below, if you look carefully, there is a garden/vacant land that has previously been treated to make the next plant fresher and free from pests.

~Red chili~

Red chili or what we usually call Awee chili, which has a long shape and is of course very common we see in local markets around us all. The chili plants grow very fresh and have minimal disease/pest, that's because the soil used is classified as healthy, so soil viruses will not attack the chili.



You can see in the picture below, the chili tree has healthy leaves between thick and very soft, it indicates that the chili tree is normal and will bear fruit in the next few days. The chili flowers are starting to come out and even some of the chilies are starting to show, but because this is an early process for the birth of this chili, it is very likely that it will fall off and will bear fruit on the next flowers.


Now below is the soil that is not so fertile, it's because of the former from the land of the cucumber tree, Click Here to see the soil marks from the cucumber tree. So that soil pests / viruses will succumb to the next crop, as in the photos below.

~Cayenne pepper~

Cayenne pepper is known for its very spicy taste and of course there are also very many fans, but now I want to invite you to see the process of cultivating this chili so that you have a little insight about it.


The seeds you see below are chili seeds that are almost 2 months old, and these chili seeds are the same as the chili I'm planting. But right now I'm waiting for the development of my chili which I have given fertilizer a few days ago, it seems interesting for me to discuss next.
Click Here to see my previous post about chili.

You see in the cayenne pepper below that has been affected by leaf disease, the leaves begin to curl and fall, it's due to virus attacks from the soil that has the disease. But how to solve it?
Of course, it takes extra energy there to bring this chili back to health, with various drugs that we must provide to make the chili back to normal. Maybe in the next post I will discuss it if this chili is successful to grow normally again.


Below is a papaya plant that is still one month old, growing with a lack of water, because it is in my area is the dry season.




There is one example of a chili plant that has fruit, and is about 2 months old. If you look carefully there are leaves that are not very healthy, they are affected by leaf disease and still bear fruit, but if there is maximum care for this plant then in the future it will grow normally.


Hopefully I can talk about the chili plants again in the future, and of course there will be good developments in these chilies.

Hope you are entertained and gain knowledge about plantations, because gardening must have enough knowledge to make plants grow normally.

Thanks to all of you, see you next time.

All the photos are original from me and the camera shots of the Vivo smartphone which has a 32Mpx sensor.

Best regards

Take care of your health and create happiness for you and those around you.




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Thank you for being here, I'm glad you're here.

Cool... this big garden looks very cool and also fresh ☺🤗👌👌👌👌🍷☕

Thank you for your presence and kind words here, fresh plants certainly cannot be separated from maximum care.
Have a nice day friends @foxkoit 🥰🥰

HAppy to see it... I be more back, I want see how they get up 😋

Yep, that's for sure.
I also can't wait to see the development of this chili in the future.😁😁

Very nice garden full of love and caring attention! They are wonderfully green!

Yep, that's right, a garden filled with love will give birth to fresh plants in the future.
Thank you my friend @kaminchan for the kind words and your presence here.
Have a great day 🥰🥰

It's interesting to see this growing in a vast area, and the importance of the soil and pest control strategies. I have only attempted growing chillis in small pots before and I get the requirement and care is a lot less.
Informative piece:)

Thank you very much @millycf1976 for your kind words, I'm glad you like it.🥰🥰
Yep, that's right, soil control is very necessary when growing a plant, in order to produce normal and weighty plants.

You're very welcome!
Yes, I gathered that much:)))
Have a nice day!

Have a nice day too sis @millycf1976

Hey we have some of the same plants, just a few days ago I also planted a type of chili like you have

Wow, that's very good, we learn from each other here, hopefully they grow fresh and can bear fruit in the future.
Thanks for dropping by friend @roronoa46 🥰🥰

With pleasure my friend, and by the way With pleasure my friend, and by the way pajan tajeb kupi😅

Hahaha 😁😁
Pajan² payah tajep nyan 😂

Kabereh, nyo na neujak neubi the enteuk

Yayaya bereh nyan

Nah! Don't worry about the soil, it will heal through time. How about converting it into a permaculture garden? JK! ;)

Now that's what I mean, the soil will be free from disease if there is special care, as well as the soil I mean, it will take a lot of energy to make it fresher for the plant.
As with permaculture gardens, the most important thing to pay attention to is the subgrade that will be used continuously in the future.
Thank you for your kind feedback and your presence here, really appreciate it.🥰🥰

I don't really mean to change your ways btw...I don't also force my parents in transitioning the other farm to permaculture because it means downtime and temporary negative income.

No worries, I enjoy seeing (food) gardening, sustainability, and self-sufficiency posts right now. The world is changing and we must adapt fast before the economy hits everyone hard by 2023.

You have a high instinct for the future, it makes sense when the economy starts to fall apart and we don't keep up with the times, are left behind and slumped.
I think it will gradually change the mindset of someone to keep up with the times, including me, maybe.

Wow very big garden 🏡😊

Thank you so much @joyceantonio
I'm glad you're here 🥰🥰

wow! those are big peppers! great diversity you have in there

Thank you @gwajnberg for your presence and good feedback.
I'm glad you like it.
Have a great day 🥰🥰


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Thank you so much @curation-cartel 🥰🥰

Congratulations keep it up a good work you are started.

Thank you for your presence and good feedback.
Yeah, it's a fun job in my opinion.
Have a great day @juliasjohn 🥰🥰


The other day I was reading about the amount of water consumed by the crop irrigation and it's massive. This is why crop rotation and being specific about the type of crops becomes more important ❤️

Yep, very true, there is a special treatment for each plant that will be planted, but when it comes to water then it is the main requirement in every plant.
Thank you for your presence and good feedback, I'm glad you're here.🥰🥰

It is a big garden which part of Asia it is? I can see the coconut palm the rice field and especially chilies. typical Asian garden, hard work as well . very nice. greetings 😊have a nice weekend.

Right in this part of Indonesia, yep, most people here want a large oil palm plantation and that too for a long harvest period.
Thank you for your presence and good feedback.
Happy weekend to you 🥰🥰

I can imagine about your harvest😍

Hopefully the target does not miss.
Thanks for dropping by here my friend.🥰🥰


Hi @xoxois . Your post is very informative and interesting about gardening. I want to see these plants grown up.

Yep, I also can't wait to see further developments for this plant, hopefully it will avoid all diseases.
Thanks for stopping by here, I'm glad you like it.

Very beautiful garden with so many health plants in it. Thanks for sharing this amazing post and have a wonderful day

Thank you also for your kind feedback and your presence here, I'm very happy that you like and enjoy it.

You're welcome

Fantastic, what a lot of detail. I love chilli - I'm just about to plant some so I will take on board some of your advice. Congrats on your fabulous post rewards for this post too - a Hive Garden post can be rewarding in many ways!

You're welcome my friends @riverflows, I'm very happy that this post is well received by people here.
Yeah because I'm trying to see from previous experiences, hopefully we can make our gardens filled with fresh plants that we want to cultivate.
Success always for you!🥰🥰

You have a nice big garden. I also have chili plant but a small one in my backyard.

Yep, sometimes a large land area cannot be guaranteed for fertile plants, but large land is very profitable for farmers, because the maintenance is not half-hearted.
Thank you for your presence and kind words, I really hope the chilies you plant can bear more fruit in the future.