Cucumber cultivation and its maximum care for a more satisfying harvest.

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Hello friends!

Today I want to share a story with all of you about the world of agriculture which has great profit potential, that profit will be born when we take care of it with all our heart.

I learned a lot about this field through my friend who has been farming for a long time, he has a lot of experience in this field, so he knows what to do if he has problems with his crops.

Having a land that is not so wide, but if you know how to take care of it, the results will be equal to the vast lands later. My friend's principle is quite reasonable to me, because he does not never give up on the situation, he will continue to try to take care of his plants even though they have been attacked by pests. He had tried various kinds of pest medicine, and what was the most effective he already knew.

At that time I thought that one day if I collaborated in this field I could ask him about agricultural knowledge, because he is also not stingy with the knowledge he has acquired.

In the photos you see, this is a young plant or cucumber tree that doesn't live very long, only about 3 months, from seeding to harvest.

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The age of the cucumber that you see is about 2 weeks or 15 days, and this is classified in the category of a healthy plant, even when compared to the age of cucumber in general, the cucumber tree grows quite fresh, it can be seen from the leaves that are so healthy.

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The land for the plants he cares for is classified as clean, because one of my friend's principles is cleanliness to encourage him to take care of the garden. You or I might like to see the cleanliness of the gardens wherever they are, because with that the enthusiasm for garden workers will increase, and they can do something that needs to be done immediately.

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He slowly cleared the grass between the cucumber trees, because he knew if he forced himself to finish as quickly as possible then he couldn't afford it and would just be ignored. I may have to learn from this method, working slowly but surely it will be done.

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Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

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Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

When I came to the garden I saw my friend was doing maximum care for this plant, although this plant is still relatively fresh or free from pests, but this he does is to avoid things that he does not want in the future.

Give a good fertilizer for these young plants, the fertilizer he uses is the "Nitrophoska" brand from Germany. This fertilizer is good for young plants that increase the strength of the cucumber tree and fertilize it to grow fresh in the next few days.

This is the process for fertilizing the cucumber.

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Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

One by one tree is done for this fertilization, so that it is evenly distributed.

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

So it takes a long time to finish all the cucumber trees, although the duration is long but the results are more satisfying.

Vivo mobile camera sensor mode 32Mpx

This method may be very effective to follow for many people, not necessarily when the plants ask for fertilizer for resistance or when pests attack, but it is best if this fertilization is done before things that are not desirable happen there.

I am really looking forward to the harvest he gets, maybe 1 month later these cucumbers can be harvested, hopefully the results are abundant.

Thank you all, I hope this post is useful for everyone here.

Keep trying and do everything that does not harm others to get satisfactory results in the future.

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The cucumber is indeed looking healthy. Good job to your friend.

Yes, the result that farmers always want to get their plants to live healthier.
Thank you @afterglow for coming here, have a nice day.🥰🥰

You're welcome and have a nice day ahead too!

Cultivating some plant joy 💚🌱 with a reshared!

Thank you in advance for your steps here, have a nice day.

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When a farmer has knowledge of his plants and love what he does by caring for his plants, the results will show eventually, like what your friend does here.

Yes, it is very true, with experience and knowledge everything will be easy to do, especially if there is a desire to do something, everything will be easy and the results are also satisfying.
Thank you @gratitudemine for coming and kind words from you, have a nice day my friend.

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