Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #40

in HiveGardenlast year

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with the last update, I focus on all the new seedlings from cannabis to beans to cucumbers. With this update, you can see how well the roadrunner is growing. I really like the smell of this plant. You can see some photos in this post.

I will say that the temp is little cold still in my 2x4 tent so I may have to add a small heater to that. I know peppers and cucumbers do like it warmer, My only problem is adding that means the humidity is going to go really low.




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I tried doing veg, and an auto at the same time once, and it was a pain due to the humidity. Seems yours is doing quite well though!

Yeah we will see as they get bigger, I plan to move to the 2x2 when they need bigger pots, might try to grow a monster out back this year so need a monster to start with haha

Great Post!


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