Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #30 - Making Teas - Part 2

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With the last post I was starting the worm tea, this one I am feeding the tea, It is not much to show in this post as mostly in the video but the life was way better with the lids on.

I decided to take a small handful out of my worm bin today and add it to my soil. This will help build more worm life in the soil. I am going to try to add a handful in every month maybe a week once we get out of winter and the bins start to eat more.



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Interesting as hell! When I grow up I want to be like you. Get it? grow up? haha (bad joke alert). No, but seriously, I sowed cannabis before and it was in such an amateur way that I wish that in the years to come I can make it professionally like that, so I think I will try to get the permission done to make it rightfully here and then I’ll revisit your posts and ask you for some advice.
I will even try to grow the worms, they are so cute, with such a beautiful color.

Haha that's jokes, Yeah I really recommend growing with notill. Let the soil feed the plants and the bugs feed the soil.

The worms are great for many things and having worm bins helps cut all the waste from good and just provides nutrients to the soil.



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Making teas is a fun way to explore the wonderful world of fermented foods. The other day I made a batch of lovely, healthy herbal teas from an old recipe that I have been using for years or, more accurately, from memory. I prefer to check this solagard roof paint and get more new roof washing. This time around I wanted to take things up a notch by making them with my own organic garden and/or living soil experiment but sadly they were not quite what they used to be.