Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #44

in HiveGardenlast year

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With the last update, I was cutting down the roadrunner and the black sugar, WHile they are done cut and drying in the rack. I still got that 1 lonely Cookie Monster that is a few days out but looks to have taken some bug damage so I am thinking it is time to cut it down and clean the soil with some predatory mites.


These mites I add will help kill the extra larva and bugs from the thrips. I am telling you growing organic and living soil thrips just come and go as they please so it is best to add some things to help keep the population down.


We got Peppers, OK ma7ybe not huge ones but I am finally growing a few peppers that we will be able to eat in a few weeks. I know many think this is nothing but I was never sure I could even grow them indoors.


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!1UP Good job!

I find what you are doing very interesting. Congratulations on the bell pepper.

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Nice start on the pepper crop! 😀