Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #3

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With this 1 auto going I am still happy that it is showing growth. I have been slacking with keeping my supresoil wet so I couldn't add that to the top of my pot. I am going to have to find a way to get moisture back into it so I will likely need to reamend it with some worm castings and lots of water.

The 3 outdoor I have also slacked a bit on and they really need to be transplanted. They will recover with some TLC and a good transplant into a 3-gallon pot.




The small early started veg plants like peppers and beans are doing great, The peppers are ready for another transplant as well but the cucumber is in the cardboard pots. These pots I am starting to not like, as much as they are biodegradable they dry out far too fast.


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I have looked all over for earth worm castings here. I've actually had someone tell me they can't sell it here because it's considered a living organism.. I'm not buying that story yet though

That's crazy, I have never heard that, hopefully you can if not get some earth worms and get you own bins going

Great Post!



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Those pill bugs are ok for the soil?

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Yeah, They help break down organic material like worms