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RE: Solving the Sparrow poo problem - June Garden Journal

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I love the idea of makign a problem work for you. Now, if I can figure out what to do with these dastardly rats.....


Rats need cats, that's all. My cats are a bit of a nuisance in the garden when I have seedlings but they deal with the rats so all is forgiven

Nooooooo Jamie is allergic to cats! And they eat native birds.. sorry I know you like them!

😸hehe yes you have a point. Although cats are in fact native to my country, unlike Australia. Rats are also alien invaders, right? Or is it just rabbits?

Yes most rats are foreigners but we have native bush rats too, hence my worry re both poison and cats!

And for some reason there, perhaps at thought of African cats, I imagined a lion asleep on your cactus...