My garden weeding machine!

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Have you ever had a problem, and thought, let me try something a bit different for a solution. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Well, I did that in my garden and was pleased with the results.

The problem - weeds

My lawn has a clover like weed in it, and its starting to spread and take over. Many would say, no problem just give it some selective weed-killer, and it will attack the broad leaf clover, but not the grass.

Second problem - Chickens

I can't use weed killer because I am afraid of my chickens grazing on the grass and I am sure that wont be good for it.

So what did I try?

I also have a rabbit, and the rabbit loves grass, so I moved its outdoor pen to the problem area.

To my surprise, the rabbit loved the clover more than the grass, so I had my own selective weeding machine.

The results

After only one day I was amazed at how different inside and outside the pen was. you can see in the photo, its clearly obvious what a great job the rabbit did weeding my lawn.

Do you have any good ideas for removing weeds out of the lawn without weed killer? comment below


So adorable...

Rabbit didn't try to dig the ground?

It doesn't dig but it will eventually eat the grass down to almost nothing if I don't mover her in time

The Rabbit machine is the best ever!!!

The rabbit is sooooo cuteeee!!!!!!

Rabbits! Cool. Others has goats in their yard. Hehe

That is great! Go you little bun

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Cute rabbit .. 😍❤

The Rabbit look very fat, he/she must be like to eat.😀