My current obsession - Green Vegetable Bugs

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Hi Hivegardeners, homesteaders and those on the ecotrain! I've been obsessed with capturing the instsrs (stages betewen moults) of Green Shield (or Stink) bugs - Nezera vitidula this year.

I try to 'get my teeth into' at least one type of pest insects every season. Last year was the various little green caterpillars that eat our veggies. I try to learn the different forms and behaviours so that I can learn to handle infestations without poisons, even 'organic' ones

Here they are presented, from instar 2 through to adult for your elucidation. I've not managed to get a clear image of the first instar yet.

Second instar

Third instar

Fourth instar


Babies but Im not sure about the orange one. Maybe a ringer!

I included the last pic becasue there is the, mostly orange, individual who looks out of place. It is quite possible that it is just a mutation - there is some variation in colouration with each instar. As I'm only learning this species, there is also a possibility that it is a ringer from a different species that has snuck in for a photo opportunity! Photo bomb!





Bless their numerous little cotton socks.

6 each!

bhhhaaaa bugs again..

so hard finding that balance right... my chickens love it if i have enough to throw over the fence. They follow me up and down the garden from their side, just in case i feel included to throw them a grass hopper or three. One chicken is way faster than the rest. lol

happy gardening

My chooks have decided that they're not eating any more Green Vegetable Bugs this year. Nw, I just squash seems a waste but chickens know best!