An early aquaponics walkthrough

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We're about to redo some of the aquaponics system in the back yard so I thought I'd share the last version with my fellow gardening Hiveans before we edit both the system and the video about it.
The video was taken back in the cold weather (gee, I miss that cold weather!) but it's the best I've done for the old system design.





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What is IBC?

I always thought that filters wouldn't be needed in aquaponic systems because I was told that the plants clean the water from the fish tanks as they take the nutrients sending it back clean for the fish.

Seems I've still a lot to learn.

it's nowhere near that efficient. A lot of the fish waste doesn't break down, plus there's always dust and dirt blowing in to an outdoor system. The media breaks down to. The new build has heaps more filters in it

An IBC is one of those big square white containers used for transporting liquids. IBC stands for something like 'intermediate bulk container'

This makes me more eager to push through on my plan of starting an aquaponics system. I love your video, I learned a lot.

it's well worth the effort. I'll be doing some more detailed videos about the new build soon.

I'll watch out for that video (^_^)

AMAZINg! I can totally see why that broccli is your pride and joy. I have always loved to see my root growth on my clones in the rapid rooters, so doing Aquaponic or hydro has alwasy peaked my interest.

it is really satisfying


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Thanks for sharing!


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