A quick Community hydroponics update

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The little Kratky hydro setup that was sponsored by local cafe, Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery is rocking along nicely!

There have been a couple if teething issues, mainly from those brief hot days we had. They made the water in the tubs get pretty warm and the plants wilted a lot, especially the lettuces.

I've cut some construction Styrofoam and placed it along the exposed parts of the tubs to help reduce that problem.

A reclaimed computer fan and a solar panel that was repurposed from a defunct fountain pump has also been installed to circulate the air a bit when the Sun's heat is on the area. It seems to work well.

So far, we've harvested and shared Baby Cos lettuces, Basil and Celery and I'm about to plant some Pak Choy this arvo.

It's all going nicely!

Repurposed fan






Oh, that is a very ingenious and resourceful way to go about hydroponic :) Glad you were able to solve the water concern. Amazing plants you have there too :)

Thank you!

I love the computer fan and you just reminded me to find my old system unit to get all their fans.

They're so useful to have.I'm always on the lookout for them!