A blessing and a curse, endless free mulch

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Yesterday the sea deposited large amounts of seaweed on the beach at the hotel I am working at. I had been waiting for the return of some seaweed as it is supposed to be amazing mulch and basically the best there is. It provides a nice wet protective layer for the soil, it breaks down and provides a lot of nutrients to the soil and it keeps some pests away.


Well yesterday I got more than I bargained for. In the morning I saw some red/brown masses out in the ocean and I did not know what they were. By the afternoon it was clear they were large patches of seaweed on their way to the beach.



I had 7 feed bags in my truck. Dzigbordi and I filled them all in the evening and carried them up to my truck. It was a lot of work as it is 28 stairs from the beach to a path that leads to the parking lot and as close as I could get with my truck.


After loading the truck we took it to the farm and spread it out on the beds and a swale.


After Dzigbordi planted some corn we called it a night.



Where this blessing became a curse is the next morning this morning there was a lot more seaweed on the beach. It took about 5 of us working hard for a few hours to clear it in anticipation for our guests coming today. I still only have 7 bags and filled them again this morning. They are waiting in my truck to be taken to the field as I did not get a chance today.

All Images taken with a Huawei P7 Prime camera phone.


I like the way that you have the swales laid out. The seaweed should help a lot in your garden.

Thanks I am hoping so. I just have to go through with a garbage back now tonight as the seaweed as dried some I am seeing more and more trash even though I was trying to be careful not to grab it when we picked from the beach.

It's unfortunate that the trash comes in with the seaweed.

Great work man! Very interesting use the sea weed to upgrade your soil.

Thanks, yeah lets see the results. The first rain has hit it now, it has been dry about a week. I left one batch in the bags for 24 hours, it was like shisha consistency when putting it down.

I didn't know they can use seaweed for so many purposes. Cool post!

I didn't either but I was talking to a friend of mine from the Island of Jersey an she said they have the best potatoes in the world because of the use of sea weed for mulch. So I looked it up and the stuff is gold.

Awesome! I will try to learn more about it. I see lots of seaweed around so I'll try to use some. Thanks, @leifasaur.

You are most welcome. It is good to help out a fellow grower. Hope it works out for you. We only had that large dump of sea weed for a few days and I only got 14 bags I need more like 140.

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I have been using seaweed nutrients with my plants and they have never been healthier. Awesome work collecting all of that.