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RE: The Green-thumb Notes 1: Why Do Plant Grow?

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As a gardener and a farmer, this kind of topic really captures my interest and with this one some of the lessons back then came back.
Discussing the basic needs of a plant really matter if others out there want to pursue things like agriculture. I want to learn more about rice production sir if you mind since I knew that you already discussed it back in your school.

Planting and taking care of a plant is hard but if you have the knowledge then it's just easy.👌


Yiee thanks bro, next time will be rice related so you could have something else to try on. Modern technology in rice farming today's in the Philippines. Who knows that you could adopt some hehe.

Ayiee. Thank you sir. I will look forward to that one and hoping that those methods is just so right in my pocket haha. It's so expensive when it comes to rice farming and yet the price is too low..