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RE: Supercharge your Garlic by fermenting it.

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This is amazing information that everyone should know about and you did a fantastic job showing us the process and explaining the benefits of garlic!

I've never tried it fermented but I'm very interested.

I utilized a one raw clove a day regiment a few years ago to beat a serious addiction to a lifelong addiction to acid reflux disease medications poisons. There is no good use of these kinds of pills no matter what, I am convinced after a 20 year addiction to them almost killed me and a clove a day saved my life!

A clove a day is all you need to help with most ailments. Use the honey by the spoonful, just as you would regular honey.

It cures diseases and doesn't create prolonged dependency too!
It's a miracle herb.

Thank you for the amazing information, re-blogged to get the word out about Supercharged Fermented Garlic!!!