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RE: The Green-thumb Notes 1: Why Do Plant Grow?

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Ahh yes, I remember npk fertilizers and how hellish getting the K2O value is every time. Do you mind discussing a good composting method for urban gardening with limited space cuz I want to grow herbs ;;-;;


Uwuu sure, I will add it to my pending topics hehe. I love soil science thou, especially fertilizer computation. Well I don't at first but realizing that I need it for work I do hands on in that NPK thing haha.

You should learn Kjeldahl titration, k20 titration and water soluble, citrate soluble and gravimetric phosphate computation for those npk values. It's why I hate it a lot 🤣 it's just one sample but it takes me an entire week to analyze

Thank you for adding that to your pending topicsss