Neem macerate for insect control in crops

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Dear readers, the neem plant has become an agroecological alternative for the control of some insect pests in agricultural ecosystems, urban gardens and any space that is intended for food production. Insect pests are organisms that cause damage to crops, causing a decrease in production and therefore significant economic losses; for pest control, the farmer uses pesticides in the first instance, which generates great costs and loss of biodiversity in the medium and long term, to counteract the use of these products, other alternatives can be developed with plants whose leaves and seeds can cause an allelopathic effect on insects.

If you want to know a little more about the allelopathic effect, you can consult our article at the following link

As for the characteristics of the neem plant, let's start by mentioning that it belongs to the Melliaceae family, its scientific name is Azadirachta indica, it is said that its allelopathic potential lies in a component called salanine that is present in its leaves and seeds, therefore, the production of products based on neem leaves or seeds could have a great effect on some insect pests. This plant can exceed 10 meters in height and adapts to tropical conditions, loamy soils, high temperatures and precipitation; variables that we can mention with confidence because they are the characteristics of soil and climate that our geographical area presents.

In this same order of ideas, it is necessary to highlight that the effect of neem on the insects can vary depending on the mixtures that are performed and dose, researchers and Urdaneta (2001), mentions that the neem when applied in a timely manner is to say, as a preventive control this may act on the insect, preventing food, repel larvae and adults, Inhibits the development of eggs, larvae and nymph among other effects. All this is thanks to the allelopathic effect which is according to duran (2009), in that some plants produce compounds or substances that are released through vegetative organs, and these in turn influence other agencies involved in the growth, development and reproduction.

It is also important to know that among the insects that a neem-based product can control are grasshoppers, whitefly, butterflies, flies, bedbugs, corn armyworm among others of agricultural importance. Therefore, below, we share a brief tutorial on the preparation of a neem macerate using only its leaves.

Step 1. Establish what the ingredients or materials are, in addition to their quantities, to locate them in advance, to elaborate small quantities for allication in orchards, a 2.5 liter container, 20 grams of neem leaves, a colander, funnel can be located and then proceed to fill the container with water and remove the leaflets from the leaves to place them in the water.

Step 2. Then the leaflets of the leaves are crumbled with their hands into the water with the intention of breaking their cells so that they can release the substances found in them.

Step 3. the leaves are left macerating in the water for 48 hours at room temperature in order that the components of the leaves are solubilized in the water, after the time has elapsed the mixture is filtered using the funnel and a mesh.

The obtained substance is a natural insecticide that can be applied to plants for the control of insect pests.

Final considerations
Dear readers, it was evident that there are plants that have an allelopathic effect on ecosystems, but if they are not within the production units, vegetative parts of the plants such as leaves can be collected for the production of artisanal, ecological, economic and effective products. This is just a small demonstration of what can be achieved with this type of plants, in our particular case we managed to control the presence of ants on forage surfaces by 80%, in the same way it can be used for tick control, as long as it is preventive as we have stressed throughout the article, in case of presenting a high infestation it is advisable to apply another type of product such as those of synthetic origin.

Let's remember that organic products act progressively, therefore, their effects will be seen in the medium and long term, one should only be constant with their application at the times of the year that is required.

Thank you for being with me until the end, we hope the article will be of benefit to all of you.

Bibliographic references
  • Duran, F (2009). Alelopathy techniques and results. Latino group: Colombia

  • Urdaneta, J. (2001). NEEM technical manual. University of Zulia. Extension Division.


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Until this time I haven't been able to procure a neem plant of neem spray (which was my plan a couple of months ago). This blog of yours reminded me of that plan of mine, I wish I produce a positive result soon!

Hello dear @afterglow, I hope you can achieve a good neem-based product soon, it has a lot of benefits in agriculture. I hope I can read the results you get by this same way.

So long, have a great week

I hope so too! I will begin to plant next summer.

Excellent friend, luck and successes with the neem plantation

I have already read a long time ago about the benefit of using neem! Good that it isnt toxic!!

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Hello dear @gwajnberg, neem is a promising plant of which its benefits have been known for a long time, but very little is used to generate ecological alternatives within agriculture.

So long, thanks for your support, have a great week.


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