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Hello everyone. In this short video, I try and show you all the stuff that came out in the new update for dCity. It wasn't easy to do because they added a lot to the game. So I am going to add a few screenshots for you to review if you want some more info on some of the new things. If you have not played the game yet you can also read all about it here but I hope you take a few minutes to watch the video first to see if you might like the game.

I wanted to go ahead and show you all the new cards that came out with the set and talk about a few one them here as I didn't have time.

20200620 14_14_15Window.png 20200620 14_15_17Window.png

As you can see there are a lot of new cards and they are a lot different than the first set. The main new cards to look out for are the ones with the stats and the ones that are not good. The public restroom and wind turbines are a bummer to get. Yet the Military Complex or the Research Center are very good. A lot of these cards can get better if you learn the right technologies.

20200620 13_16_42Window.png

It is a good idea to build your city to get a good boost from one of these then try to learn it. Or you can just buy it off the market if it will give you a big boost. I really feel like these are the best part of the update and hope to get to learn all of them over time.

Here is a quick look at the different backgrounds you can get.

20200620 13_17_34Window.png

One thing I forgot to go over is the rankings and daily payouts. If you are new this shouldn't be a focus early on but still, it is good to see the rewards pool so high. Take a look at the page to get an idea of what you need to get daily payouts.

20200620 14_23_39Window.png


I am loving d city.

Fun game for sure. I hope they can keep growing. Also if SIM stays priced at 800 to 4 hive we will have a good little side income for a long time.

Yup it has been fun to watch the city grow.

I am new, and I am seeing payout. This is really catching my eye.

I play the game, and get paid for my creativity in Hive. Is that the whole point of the game. Asking because I am really interested.

You get payouts if you get to a high point in the game. They do support players that post about the game. So that is one more way to earn. Like my video says this is game you have to invest in to see a good return.

Damn, so stupid of me. I didn't check the video I just read through and forgot when I got to the last paragraph that talks about payout 😂.

Don't mind me, I am just hustling 😂.

Looking good! It's nice to see them adding new elements which makes #dCity more fun to play. Now if I could actually find more time... 🕓

Yes it is fun and only takes a little time to play but more to mater the market.

Do you know how i can find out who delegated to me

Oh someone on delegated you cards all I can think in was to look at then discord stream and search for you name.

Not that sorry I meant hive delegation.

I am not sure on that one other than maybe looking for a message in your wallet,

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Thank you

Very good video. Thank you!

In fact, I saw your last month's video (35 minute long) yesterday and understood how dCity works.

Thank you for that. Hope it helps you.