Unboxing USB gaming controllers

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As I get more into console emulation, I find myself wanting controller layouts as close to the original hardware as possible. Buying authentic controllers meant for consoles requires extra hardware to make them work on PC. A converter is usually needed to make console controllers work on PC, and this is one extra thing to break or mess up so I am avoiding those kinds.

I focused on USB based third party controllers and found many kinds. I found some for the super nintendo, sega genesis, nintendo64, PS4 and xbox 360. By using this with the console I emulate makes it much easier to understand onscreen help with the games. For example if I am playing a PS2 game with an Xbox controller and it says on the screen to press X, I have to think which button goes to that on the xbox controller. I have been having troubles remembering which ones go to which so thought I should just invest in controllers with different layouts.

I show off a couple controllers that I have had for years, and also open some new ones I just bought. Most of them were in the range of $20 to $50 but the Nacon was over $120 making it my most expensive controller.

Having a playstation controller already seems a bit redundant. But the Sony controller has poor USB seating for gaming, and seems its just meant to charge. It supports bluetooth, but I have moved away from using wireless technology. As it seems the dongle I use every once in awhile fails to connect to the controllers and I have to reboot my computer to get it to work. Tired of doing that I now am going for wired controllers.

These controllers can also be used on PC games, which is nice as just playing on keyboard and mouse is tiring and sometimes I like to switch up the experience. Of course mouse is more accurate than the sticks on a controller. So depends on the game and the difficulty I am playing on. I guess I am so used to mouse and keyboard its something I learn more towards than a controller for that reason.

Though sometimes my wrists hurt from hovering my hand over the mouse and keyboard. So by using this system of switching I can avoid discomfort.

As I start using these controllers I will do a follow up post talking about them, but in this video I just unbox them.

Controllers shown in this video:

  • Retro-Bit Official Sega Genesis USB Controller 6-Button
  • 2 Pack SNES Retro USB Super Controller Gamepad
  • Retro Fighters Brawler64 USB Edition
  • NACON Revolution Pro Controller V2
  • PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller
  • DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Wave Blue

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my! gaming can be elaborate. Nacon for over $120? Really? That's big, what makes this controller so special? Probably because it's a wired controller?

Hah so true, it can get expensive. Its a Sony licensed controller, so thats probably why it cost so much. I really did not want to spend this much on a Playstation controller. But if you look at the reviews for other generic playstation controllers they really suck. Also, you dont get the X, O, square and triangle logos on the generic controllers as I think its protected by Sony.

I have been using the nacon for awhile now and the quality is A+

We shall see how long it lasts, if it lives for over a decade I think its money well spent.

Sega Genesis USB Controller 6-Button is the best to use for 2D fighting games.

Nice, looking forward to trying it soon on some of those 2d games.


thanks alot for the beer

My pleasure :)
Keep entertaining
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