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RE: What an amazing gaming experience

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

Probably my favourite 'story-based' title for PS4.


Ya. It’s a good one. I think I’m gonna play God of War now to get ready for the new one.

Quite a jump from Detroit to God of War... ;-)
I started from God of War 4, for ps4, then I had to inevitably play all the other 6 chapters (and even the 'Betrayal' for mobile); looking forward to the forthcoming Ragnarok as well..!

I've played the GoW series since the beginning but took some time off after the GoW 3.

It is more complex and spectacular than any other; as an absolute noob at the time I was skeptic and a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of options and menus, but I was enjoying it so much that I had to dig it, and it was worth indeed