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RE: Dcity: Tutorial for beginners

in Hive Gaming7 months ago

This is a wonderful tutorial. Followed it all the way to build my dCity.

Just few questions:

  • What is the ULTIMATE goal?
  • Why / how are citizens and immigrants created?
  • It only shows SIM income... not Hive. Right?

Thanks @sidwrites
I am glad you liked my tutorial :)

  1. The ultimate goal is not there ... or perhaps it is better to say that it is subjective.
    My main goal is fun :)
    My second goal is to try to make a profit in the medium term.

A possible final goal could be to finish first in the dcity ranking but it is a realistically difficult goal to achieve.

  1. Citizens are created because every building card needs Workers to produce SIM.
    Without population your city does not produce SIM.

How immigrants are created I don't know.
I only know that based on popularity I have a percentage chance of receiving immigrant / homeless cards every day.
These cards can become workers even if the percentage is low ...

  1. Yes. Right.
    Each city produces only SIM tokens. Some cards can also earn you BEER tokens and WEED tokens.
    The only way to also have HIVE is to enter the top 200 places in the ranking.


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