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RE: Review Of My First Minetest Game(MTG) Gameplay- Minetest Rocks!!!

in Hive Gaming4 months ago

I was wondering how I could access the Minetest game to play. I wanted to start playing and as usual I have to read articles up articles so that I can understand it before actually doing anything.

Your first game play wasn’t that bad though as you were able to explore some part of the game. I heard some people talk about Maize farm and all that. Does this mean the farm is in the building or you can find it somewhere like outside the building.


Lol that’s the thing. I didn’t read any article before I hopped on. I just asked @b0s to help me get setup and once I was, I hopped in and started doing my own thing. I like figuring things out for myself. It was a fun part of the whole process too. Getting killed several times and respawning as I tried to figure out the controls and stay alive.

About the farm? It’s inside the village I think. Haven’t been around it yet because our Minetest server is a VERY big village. The building I’m in is only a part of Mr Ray’s house.