My Worst Gaming Experience - DOOM 3 with Integrated Graphics in 2004

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PhusionPhil Plays Doom 3

Dell Inspiron 4600 with Integrated Graphics 🤣😂😅

Estimated System Specs
Intel 865PE or 865G
Socket 478
Pentium 4, Pentium 4 with HT (2.26, 2.4, 2.533, 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz/533 & 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, or 3.4 GHz/800 w/512K or 1MB Cache)
Four DDR SDRAM sockets (Two in the 4600C)
4096 MB (2048 Mb in the 4600C) PC2700 (333-MHz) or PC3200 (400-MHz) DDR SDRAM
Intel Extreme Graphics controller, AGP video card (8x)

DOOM 3 and Halo 2 were my most played games for years, I still love both series and play all the modern titles, hmu if you play MCC or Eternal

If you are a avid gamer like my self you probably just laughed at the mention of integrated graphics attempting to run DOOM 3 in 2004. The DELL Inspiron 4600 our family used was able to run the game at about 2-10 Frames Per Second, and I committed to beating both the original release and the RoE expansion.

I didn't get RoE for about 2 years after release, but it ran better than Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Crysis wouldn't run at all.

I chose this story because the low frame rate, made a blockbuster video barely playable, but the game was just that good. I never got to play DOOM 3 online against another players until years later when the Xbox 360 version was released, sadly with a cut story...

I highly recommend picking up the BFG edition to this day if you like Horror in general, its a terrifying experience and better than the majority of Resident Evil games even though they are great too, back to the topic of this story this, 2 to 10 Frames per Second...

A very funny modern comparison is the remake of Crysis, if you watch a YouTube video of an xbox gamer trying to review Crysis you will get a good laugh out of that, but also see what it was like on a good day for me to be playing DOOM 3 on a DELL Inspiron 4600.

@crysis :( the xbox one version is toast, get Epic store or PS4 version!

Since this is a contest and the rules wanted as personal of a story as possible, I will elaborate even further on my experience with DOOM 3. I was 12 years old and stood in line at 6am in front of a local Future Shop (Canada) waiting for the day one release, with bonuses for being first 10 in line. I got a FREE Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card (if only they knew video cards were what the community needed, oh well I won't complain) and was able to have 5.1 surround sound on my DELL in 2004!

Scenes like this would run well at about 20 FPS so I could enjoy the double barrel and dark flashlight scenes alot more than the boss fights and action sequences... like the awesome grenade which I could hear crystal clear on my Audigy sound system but only see 3 frames of the explosion if I was lucky.

Boss fights with these teleporting Hell Knights were absolutely impossible at 6 FPS. I had to cheat to beat it if I wanted to see the story on a DELL Inspiron 4600.


Omg... I understand you completely, in my post of this initiative I mention something similar, but I really congratulate you for trying hahaha I would have taken the game away and I would have cried


OH man I get such a nostalgia kick from the original Doom 3. There's just something utterly terrifying about having to swap away from your flashlight any time you wanted to shoot anything.

It was a bit like closing your eyes any time you ran out into combat, not at all something instinctual or comfortable. Love Doom 3, one of the scariest games I've ever played.

I agree, the fear is real in that game, i used to scare my younger sister by screaming "Pinkies are in the basement" then running away lol

It is difficult to want to play a good game and not have the requirements. My phone is not powerful and there are some games I have tried to play and it is disappointing not to be able to play them the way you want to. But at some point I will be able to play them. Many games that I wanted to play a long time ago, I am enjoying them now.

Very true, I just played Gears of War 5 on my phone via the Xbox Game cloud, amazing quality and very little input lag surprisingly

If these games bring back many memories. Regards.

The intro song \m/

I can totally relate to this, i know how frustrating it is to grind through game with low specs and poorframerates

Those demons gotta die though. There's only 1 way through this mess, and its at 6 FPS LOL

Great sound but no frameworks, guess you can't have it all.

I also had lots of experience with under powered PCs. I remember I bought my first gaming PC in 2008 to play Crysis, it took a lot of power that my no brwak collpapse and the power went off...

This is the reason one of my gaming friends never played on PC, becasue it's hard to update it for new games, some people prefer to buy a console and forget about that hassle.

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Lol for the love of sanity, HIVE SIT BOY, DOWN BOY.

Dell is going in the hashtag chopping box now lol


Awe a cute little kitty!


Beating the game with only 2 fps wow I couldn't do that, I would get tired of playing it and give up for not being able to see it in a higher quality.

I am amazed at your perseverance for that

That was the lower 5% of frames, usually it would be a choppy 10 FPS until a bigger enemy started using explosions and making shadows / lighting.

When you're 12 and your parents say you can get mature games now, nothing stopping you lol

I understand that feeling, when I got my first game of that kind I didn't pay attention to everything else, I just let myself go

its too bad eternal doesnt have vs, its the first doom without vs, even doom 3 had versus.

I remember some good times with Doom III

I can understand the feeling of playing low fps on a PC, I had a really bad PC once, it´s stressful.

When I was that young, the thrill of being able to play a violent bloody shooter was a gift on its own, DOOM 3 was the first game besides halo my mom figured was good because its fictional and not on earth, she wasn't fond of CoD.

I know doom II was on earth, but she didn't lol