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Here you can play the game on the web through

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So after awhile and following three project I decided to go full in the one I had more fun to play. Plus the challenge of completing and compiling a game on a new engine, Unity in this case.

The expierence was very nice overall and making a 3d game isn't so hard as I predicted still this is just a big sandbox world with very little coding put into it as I have to learn how to better use visual and transform the things I have learned in Game maker Language (GML).

The game is really simple you drive a ball around and collect all the lost coins.



You move around by using WASD and jump and double jump with the SPACEbar. Looking around is done through the mouse click of the left button and dragging around.


The whole design idea was to make a game where you can really go fast and for that I can be very happy with the results I would love to add a bit more VFX to it though!

I used some free assets from Unity store wich are:

The Sun_temple


Hope you enjoy and reach the Hiscore have a goodday