Post Mortem - ORCO

in Hive Gaming8 months ago


So the voting time is over and the leaderboards are drawn, I missed the top 10 by not much and it is in the end the best results I got from a jam.


I am very happy for the kind comments recived and the feedback though I'm always lost when coming to scores and the Era feel one that dragged my score is something that stalk me since I was at school, I'm never able to follow the main thread of a theme accuratly even when I try my best in that department.

The update and the patch post Jam is up and I fixed the bossfight and adjusted the balance of the game. You can check it out here

Still I feel a bit of failure, I can't put my fingers on it but there's something that tell me that I should pursuit in further development of a game, the small slice of work that come out from game jams are yes a wonderful input to set yourself goals and learn new things but also put a lot of restriction on expression. This is a point of were am in my expirience and has not to be taken as an all time right approach from time to time I will feel the need to break from the routine. Though now I'm at this stage I feel like I'm developing the same game just with a new dress each time.



Somehow I feel this to worlds are part of the same idea, and I should work making these adventures merge toghether, it's something I can't describe properly but connecting one own distant worlds feels like the best path into the uknown.

I want to give a shoutout to



Dragon's Hoard

wich have been my favourite games of the jam.

Well now onto pondering and tinkering. Have a good week everybody!