Win up to 20 HIVE at the first Multiversus Hive event & Turbo Golf Racing: Waiting for QOS results


Hey everyone. Previously I announced the first Hive Multiversus Event held on Saturday 24th of September 9pm-11pm UTC, where you can win 10 Hive for beating me at the game Multiversus (subject to conditions below, which are also subject to modification). However, I have decided to change this up a little bit, to make it more exciting and attract more participants. You can now win a maximum of 20 Hive. Here is how.

  1. I will play every single person who has entered, up to a 2 hour time limit or until 100 Hive has been given out.

  2. If I have played everyone at this event and the 2 hour time limit has not been reached, then I will organise players who have beaten me to play each other. E.g. Let's pretend player A beat me and player B beat me as well, then at this point player A and B can verse each other.

  3. Whoever wins out of player A and B can get another 10 Hive. That reaches the end of player A and B and they can play no more matches at this event.

  4. If there are players C and D (another 2 people who have beaten me), then they can verse each other to win another 10 Hive, and we will continue until we run out of players.

  5. If there is an odd number of players (i.e. someone who doesn't have a winner to play) then unfortunately that person won't get a second game and won't be able to win any more Hive.

If you are interested in participating in this event or future Magic Monk Hive events, you can join my discord server now
(please note this is the very beginning, nothing is set up yet, we are building the plane as we fly)

Other conditions which are still part of the event (comprised mostly in previous post with small modifications) are listed below:

a) Only a maximum of 100 HIVE will be paid at this event. Once this has happened, the event will be over.
b) The event will only go for a maximum of 2 hours. At 11pm UTC I will leave the discord channel.
c) Each participant can only play twice maximum (you have to beat me the first time you play to get the second time against another winner).
d) If you lose against me, you cannot play again at this particular event. d) The order of participants will be decided by the order of players that post in the discord channel on the day. The discord channel will be created at the start of the event and link posted on HIVE.
e) If nobody shows up to the event or all the games have been played, I will wait for another 10 minutes then leave the event.

Another game I may start introducing to Magic Monk Arcades: Turbo Golf Racing which is currently free on XBOX game pass. Once we all got invited to the same group, all clicked ready and start game, for me the error message was "Waiting for QOS results", but for my friends their error message simply said "Waiting for team member".

My friends then said for me to leave the group and try the game on my own. I tried to start a multiplayer match myself but it still said the same thing - Waiting for QOS results. My friends however were able to play with each other. So it was obviously my problem.

Since then I've tried restarting my Xbox, changing region settings, mucking around with my router settings, changing my internet from Fibre to 4G, so on and so forth. Nothing worked except this.. Which is not really a fix, but it is the only way I can play multiplayer right now.


Now it’s 20 hive!!!! Prize pot heating 🔥 🔥 🆙