Should I run a Hive Multiversus event? Challenge the Magic Monk in Multiversus and win Hive

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MultiVersus is a free to play platform fighting game similar to Super Smash Brothers that is cross platform, so you can play it on your Xbox, PC, Playstation and so on. The cool thing about it is that no matter which console your friends have, you can play them. The characters in this game are also different to smash - rather than Nintendo video game characters, there are characters from DC superheroes, warner brother cartoons, and so on.

Now, since I have just installed this game and don't know all the ins and outs, I have chosen to start with Superman, and wanted to play 1v1 with a friend. After trying to choose the default 1v1 option in online play, I noticed that I always get matched up with randoms, but I can't play with my friend. It's only after experimenting for a while, I found that you have to get into Custom Game, then choose 1v1, and then add your friend.

Here is a video on how I did that to play one of my real life friends.

Since I have been on this platform for a while and have a few followers here, I would like to run a "Magic Monk Challenge" event for this game, where I reward 10 Hive to people who can beat me in this game... subject to certain conditions.

There are a lot of considerations when organising an event such as this. When will we play? How will we link up? How do I decide who I'm playing if too many people enter? How many people will I play? What counts as a win? What if the internet is too slow? As I am in Australia, we are kind of far away from the rest of the world so the ping is probably not going to be super great.

Anyway, these are all issues I will consider if there is enough interest. If there are more than 150 views on this article on the PeakD view counter and at least 20 users comment indicating interest, I will then come up with some conditions and logistics. If not, I guess this wasn't a great idea. Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!


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If you find yourself contemplating the idea of hosting a Hive Multiversus event, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. Such an undertaking promises a blend of excitement, creativity, and community engagement. The potential for an unforgettable experience lies within your reach, as players from diverse backgrounds gather to explore the multiverse within the Hive ecosystem. With tools and resources available from platforms like you can tailor your event to be a truly unique and captivating affair. The decision to run a Hive Multiversus event rests on your ability to harness these elements and create an enchanting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact on participants.

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multiversus good game sometimes I play it to pass the time my character that I use is Finn the human very good post friend

I agree! Love Finn!!

Been interested in this game, not touched it yet. Might participate in an event if it goes ahead.

How's the netcode? Perhaps playable if rollback is working well enough. Should he fun.

It will go ahead! Check my latest post :)

multiversus is a jewel in the making, in the future it may represent one of the most played games for every competitive gamer.

It really is a game that I love and that I share in the community because of the good time and experience I have at the time of playing it.

Very good post and yes, I think it would be excellent to have an event to play in the community!

Check the next post for the date of the event :)

Thank you so much for the info!

Looks like an interesting game and worth a try. I used to like to spend up to 2 hours a day playing football games on the playstation.

haha cool! that's probably the only place I can play any football!