See you on Valhive - the Valheim server for the Hive gaming community!

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Hi all, as mentioned previously, I intend to participate in @pusen's Hive Valheim server (named ValHive) as he talked about in this article. I think the idea that you could interact with other Hive members through an open world survival game such as Valheim is awesome. Well done to @pusen for thinking of this, and taking the initiative to set up a server. I have contributed 10 HBD to him to help keep the server running.

At the time he wrote the Valhive intro article, the only way to get the game was through Steam, which was $28.95 AUD (I am in Australia) for me. However, since then Valheim has appeared on the Xbox Game Pass, which meant that I could download the game for free as a Game Pass subscriber.

Initially I could not connect to ValHive using my Game Pass version. After talking to @pusen on the Hive Gaming discord server, he changed a setting to allow Game Pass version of the game to connect to Valhive, met me on ValHive and took me to the village saying I could pick a spot there to build a house. I can see some houses that other people have built and it looks absolutely stunning.

The first 3 pictures are of me and my waterfront property which I built in a couple of hours. You can tell that I have no experience at all in building inside computer games. I built a small hut right next to the water but now the water would come in and put my fire out every few minutes when the water level rises. It's pretty hilarious. This is quite realistic as I imagine if you have a waterfront property your biggest worry would be possible flooding.

I also struggled a bit even building this house, because sometimes half way through building a monster would come interrupt me and even killed me a few times. It's pretty important to build a basic house with 4 walls and a roof as quickly as possible with a bed in it, so you can get through night time without being killed by monsters.

You can see I have taken pictures of some other people's houses. They are all much better designed and built than mine. @pusen's house looks amazing. He invited me in to have a look but I didn't take any pictures at the time, and I kind of feel weird going into other people's houses when they're not on the server.

So I look forward to interacting with more people in this game and improving my house on the server! There is so much to this game. And thanks to @pusen again for this great idea.

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thank you!

Good to see you are doing good buddy. Still helping the whole community 🤘

very kind of you buddy. good to see you too

Good project and good initiative for the players of the community.

agreed! thank you for the comment!

I recently acquired Vallheim and although I haven't played it much it's pretty cool that there is already a server on Hive! I'm going to check it out and hope more users will activate to play.

hey yeah it's an amazing game!

Thanks a lot for your contribution to our server, man. This game is really one of the best games to play together. Even though I'm not really involved and don't have a house right now, I'm going to try to build a perfect house as soon as I get into the game. I've watched a lot of videos for this, but I don't remember now. Your house looks pretty good for a start.

haha thank you for the compliment! it's a great initiative! look forward to seeing your house!

Thank for sharing, I like to play game so much.

no worries! likewise!

Cool to see you joining. Feel free to go into my house just don't steal my stuff :P

haha no worries, that's something I wouldn't even think of doing

I'll see you in there when am back from holidays mate.

awesome :)

I've seen the announcement post of valhive.
So you get to visit others houses? COOL.

haha yeah I only go in them if the owner's there though

And what if the owner is not there? can you still visit their house? And do the owner needs to give permission for the visit?

I treat it just like real life, so I won't :)