Good LAN games to play for eSport? + Finn and Superman combination 2v2 strategies for Multiversus

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Hi everyone. In case you haven't read my previous articles, I am a high school IT head of department and I'm starting eSport at my school. I am looking for eSport games I can play at school which must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Completely free. This does not mean pirated copies. It means the person who made the game has allowed people to freely download the game. The game will be installed and played on multiple computers / laptops so I don't want to have to buy multiple copies of the game or deal with licensing issues.

  2. Does not use internet bandwidth. Multiplayer must be done through LAN not the internet. Our school internet bandwidth is quite limited and it will not work if everyone tries to play through the internet together.

An example of a game that would NOT work: Call of Duty. It is not free and we have to play through the internet.

An example of a game that will work: Warsow ( This game is completely free and multiplayer can be done through LAN.

Does anyone have experience with any good LAN games like Warsow?

Back to another Muliversus video with my friend Monchdachonch. As you know he is a superman specialist and I have started switching to Finn. I love how Fin has a sword. His basic attack has a super long reach as a result of the sword. In comparison, Superman's reach is not super long, but he can stay in the air and fly around. These two characters working together in my opinion is very hard to beat.

So here is the strategy. With Finn, I'm going to be focussing on staying at ground level and using my basic attack to extract coins out of enemies and deal a huge amount of damage. Once they drop some coin, I'm going to use it to buy the speed and shield items, which will power up both me and my team mate (superman). This means both of us will be moving around the map super quick and be shielded from projectiles when we're charging.

As I use my basic attacks with Finn dealing a huge amount of damage, superman's job will be to fly around in the air, pick up anyone I launch from the ground up and throw them even further off the map. You can see in this video that Monch does this really well. We both choose the triple jump perk so both of us can jump 3 times and not fall off the map. Watch us dominate!


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These brawl games with hugely popular studio characters is such a brilliant idea. If someone started a brawl game for popular anime character -- like something called "Attack On Otaku" that would have characters like AstroBoy, Gundam Mechs, Goku, Tuxedo Mask, Kenshin, Ichigo, Luffy, Edward Elric, Naruto, Kira from Death Note, Spike, Vash, etc. Also I think it's awesome you're doing an e-sports league at your school that's amazing.

hey man I think I saw something like that.. but it's not very popular like nobody knows about it. But yeah it would be great. Thank you so much mate.

Yeah no problem. Oh wow, I didn't know it existed. I'll have to do my research and find it -- sounds like it could be a fun hidden gem -- hopefully 🤞

hey - maybe I was thinking of this game.

Thanks! This game looks pretty fun. It's not as fancy as a more mainstream game like Ninjastorm or the DBZ Xenoverse games -- but if someone like CyberConnect could expand this that would be amazing. This is a lot of characters, sounds like a big money opportunity.

Thanks for sending me the link for this game! Can't believe I've never heard of it before haha

haha that's okay. I only found it when I was doing a lot of research for dragon ball games. That's a cool video you found too, thanks!