Beat Magic Monk at Multiversus and get paid 10 HIVE! & How to win with 2 supermen

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Hi everyone! Remember, Saturday 24th of September 9pm UTC is the first HIVE Multiversus event! All you have to do is show up, beat Magic Monk at this game and get paid 10 HIVE (subject to certain conditions)!

Here are the conditions (these can be changed and more conditions can be added at any time):

a) Only a maximum of 100 HIVE will be paid at this event. Once this has happened, the event will be over.
b) The event will only go for a maximum of 2 hours. At 11pm UTC I will leave the discord channel.
c) Each participant can only play once. You cannot challenge me again regardless of whether you win or lose.
d) The order of participants will be decided by the order of players that post in the discord channel on the day. The discord channel will be created at the start of the event and link posted on HIVE.
e) If nobody shows up to the event or if I have played everybody in the channel, I will wait for another 10 minutes then leave the event.

This is the start of my attempt at forming the conditions. These will most likely be updated / added to later on.

Back to videos about Multiversus! In this video I'm going to use the strategies that my friend Monchdachonch and I use to win with 2 supermen. We basically use two supermen because we are only just starting this game so we don't know any other characters and we both love superman. After getting used to his moves, we have come up with something that anyone can use to win with just 2 supermen.

Firstly, superman is a tank, so you can sustain damage even against 2 players hitting you. While you are getting beaten up as superman by two players, the other superman could stand further away and use a charge sniper attack. That way he will knock all of them flying off the screen (or as far as possible).

Once an enemy is flying away, superman can also use his ability to jump and chase after them, grab them in the air using forward+special attack, then punch them further off the screen. If you choose triple jump as your perk, there are so many ways superman can stay in the air you are very unlikely to fall off the edge.

So the two main abilities I would use with superman is basically the forward+special attack both in the ground and in the air. Other than these two abilities, superman's standard neutral attack is an on the spot combo. This could be useful to stop enemies from moving around too much as they get stuck while you are hitting them, and gives opportunities for the other superman to come charging in with a sniper attack. The forward standard attack is also good for a close range strong attack to knock enemies away.

We don't really use other abilities very often (blowing cold air / laser eye etc). You can use them for maybe rare instances such as when you're really high and the enemy is on the ground, but I find it's easier to focus on the basics and just knock them out.

Hope this helps you beginners trying out superman!


I have not delved into this game, the style of the characters is very nice.
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agreed! thank you

Not my cup of tea 😄 only experts like you can do it 😍❣️

lol really? it's just like super mario

I think this game is great, I would like to try it but I think I'm eliminated at the first try. I'd better suggest it to my son. hahaha.

Awesome! Are you entering my event?

superman is also one of my characters in multiversus, in fact he was the first one I started playing with. I haven't played it for a long time but it's a very good strategy.

Awesome! Are you entering my event?

I would really like to participate in the event but lately I have a lot of problems with my internet.

I loved this game, thanks for showing it, I will definitely try it.

Awesome! Are you entering my event?