17 years ago I wanted to revolutionise Australian School Education with computer games but they weren't ready.. Now they are

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I became a math and IT teacher in 2005 in a high school (when the above photo was taken). Students were learning the same maths that I learned when I was a student myself in high school, which was the same maths that my parents learned when they were in school. My teacher told me in school (I still remember the exact words): Maths has been the same in the last 200 years. To spice things up a bit, I planned to teach a lesson where students played against each other in Quake 3, and then we were going to calculate the speed of rocket launchers in the game. Unfortunately, on the day this was going to happen, someone from the IT department walked past my class and said: You cannot do that, that is against government policy.


Fast track 17 years later. I am now the head of the IT department. There are universities offering degrees and diplomas in computer games and eSports, and some high schools have started introducing eSports into their school with great success. I have been given the go ahead to do the same. There are 3 ways I am going to introduce eSports. 1) As part of the curriculum. This means students will not only play the games during lesson time, but learn other things via computer games, such as maths, business, and technology. 2) As a lunchtime club. So students can come hang out at lunchtime and make friends while playing games. 3) As a competitive team, so the best players can go play against other schools and win competitions and trophies.


Because of government regulations, to be safe schools are starting with games on the Nintendo Switch. In 3 weeks time there is a Multi-Esports competition at another school, and I have been invited to attend. What is a Multi-Esports competition? It is basically like a sports carnival. Instead of a 100m running event, it's Rocket League. Instead of 200m running event, it's Super Smash Bros. Instead of High Jump, it's Just Dance. Instead of Long Jump, it's NBA 2K, and so on. The difference is that there is no discrimination between age or gender, any student can verse another student in the competition.


I have gathered together 7 students to form my school eSports team. They are all really good at Nintendo Switch games such as Super Smash Bros and we are going to start training from Monday lunchtime. I am quite confident that we will take home a trophy. My problem will be that I will want to play the games myself - but I will try and remember that this activity is for students. For students who don't enjoy school - eSports will change their lives.


This is such a good thing my friend bringing in games to the lives of children is really great I applaud you and wish you all the best.

So bad that they didn't let you go through with what was on your mine years ago 😁 it's all not too late now I just wish you all the best.

haha thank you for understanding! It's never too late :)

It's absolutely never to late haha all the best.

This must be a pretty enjoyable learning alternative, especially for students who want to play games most of the time rather than study. I want this set-up! It is more fun when the teacher wants to play too! lol

haha for sure! the education system is finally catching up :)

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Dude you have a very cool thought, bringing video games into people's lives may change some for the better.

I wish you the best :) keep it up, I hope you have good luck.

Thank you so much buddy. p.s. love one punch man

Ahead of the curve. At least you are still ready to help now. I wish I could have joined an eSports team at a young age. Gaming is something I'm very passionate about, but now I have no idea how to join a team and start playing professionally.

The cool thing about Esport compared to normal sport is it doesn't discriminate against age or gender. You can start any time! But by blogging about games I think you may already have started :)

I love blogging about games, but I feel like it would be fun to play in tournaments too. How easy is it to get involved?

I'd start by having a look here: https://battlefy.com/

That’s very helpful. Perhaps exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

no worries at all buddy

Learning is indeed easier when we used things that students find interesting or that they can relate to to explain or make them solve things.

I am both a fan of physical games and digital games and I recommend that existence or usage of the two. 😊

Thanks for sharing.


I agree with everything you just said :) thank you for your comment :)

You are most welcome. 😊


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This is fantastic and something I would've loved back in the day when I was at school.

...and some high schools have started introducing eSports into their school with great success. I have been given the go ahead to do the same...

Is this more of a city thing at the moment to trial it? I haven't heard anything like this where I am in regional Queensland. Hopefully by the time my son is in highschool it'll be more widespread!

I'll do as much as I can to help make that happen for you :)

Here in our country, a similar revolution is also beginning to be thought in schools, one of whom is LPU (Lyceum of the Philippines University) in which the Bachelor of Science in eSports is being offered.

wow that is so awesome! I want to go there :)

Awesome indeed, you are very much welcome in this country (^_^)

I would have loved to have esports be a thing when I was at school in the 80s through to late 90s. I wonder if we will see this kind of thing happen in the UK? My 8 year old nephew would flip out with excitement if there was a lunch time club where he could go to play Nintendo switch.

haha looks like we are about the same age! I'm sure it will / may have already happened - we don't usually do things here unless another English speaking country does it first.