Call of Duty: Mobile - ALL AGAINST ALL 🔫 - CAGE- 1st Place: LHYON89 (My user) - GAMEPLAY by @lyon89

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Excuse me for the poor sound quality, I still can't find a screen capturer for my mobile that records the internal sound, if someone recommends one I would appreciate it a lot.

My USER in CODM : LHYON89 (Beginner)


How about friends !!, in this video I show you how I have been improving my way of playing, believe me that it is not easy to deal with the touch screen, aiming at the target and moving constantly requires a lot of skill, since the sensitivity in the controls, it is very severe and requires a lot of practice and perseverance. I have managed to even place myself in the first places, before it used to be the joke, but I have improved, although I keep learning more and more, the truth is, I recommend playing CALL OF DUTY MOBILE, you will realize what I am talking about, it really is a great A game with many modalities that will not be easy for you, but very fun and interesting. I hope you enjoy this video, I HAVE IMPROVED, YEEAAH !!!!.

I'm starting a Channel on YOUTUBE with my GAMEPLAYS, if you like you can take a look 😁 !!

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you earned a like and a follower of your channel, stop by mine to see what you think

Perfect, thank you very much !!

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