Death of my Lenovo laptop. Worst laptop that worked (somehow) for 6 years

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Yesterday my laptop decided to stop working after 6 years.
I did all the streams on it, so I will create all the current materials on my phone and upload it to YouTube. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stream over the phone, although I would like and look for an application that would support vimm on the phone, but I did not find it on the AppStore. Of course, Splinterlands will appear as a game record on YouTube.

In some time, maybe I will be able to buy a laptop, it will be streams from the console or the Splinterlands again, currently I do not like hehe.

I do not recommend the Lenovo laptop to anyone, I had a huge number of problems with it and every now and then I had to replace and add something during these 6 years.

First, the hard drive fell (exactly six months after the purchase, the famous bluescreen appeared) after replacing it with a ssd drive it was better, but it had too little memory, so I bought an additional 4 gb.

Later the matrix broke (until yesterday, the department was connected to the TV and worked under hdmi), then if you have a lenovo laptop, never update the graphics drivers because it will freeze the entire system, causing it to break down, even though I downloaded the drivers from the amd site appropriate for this model laptop broke.

I will add that the laptop forgot to switch graphics and all the time I was working on the integrated Intel hd4000. The Amd hd8250 graphics card was shown in the laptop, however, it was not turned on in any game or program (this is also the reason why streams from the console cut me off) On one hand, it was a pity for my already 6-year-old laptop, on the other hand, it was the worst purchase and if I could turn back time, I chose I would be Asus. When will the new laptop be?

I can't say that, the current prices are terribly high, so probably in some time. Nevertheless, I will continue to contribute to Hive (luckily the phone works nicely) and will continue to be my posts.


Thanks for reading and see my next article


I am currently using a Lenovo Ideapad 110.Running for more than 3 years now with some minor software issues and one major broken screen hinge issue. I hope I can buy a new PC this year before it dies. Hope Hive moons to 1 USD later this year so can buy that PC.

software problems in lenovo are a failure. uploading the controllers to the graphics card is like winning the lottery once you succeed and once in theory you play and the integrated computer works all the time. I wanted to finally upload these new controllers recently, the laptop died completely. Today I am still trying to bring it back to life, it's a pity about the graphics drivers, I can forget that it would not be completely dead again. If I could go back in time, I would rather choose a laptop other than lenobo with which there are still some problems. if I manage to bring it to life, it's great, if not, then the end of my laptop is definitely over.

I bought my Lenovo Yoga 515-ISK in 2015 in Vietnam for $200 USD apx. I've been running Ubuntu Mate 16.04 as my operating system on it. My laptop looks very similar to yours.

It's not dead but I do want to get a new one when I can. I didn't do a lot of gaming on it. I hear gaming could wear out a computer out faster. My laptop uses Intel instead of AMD. Perhaps Intel does better sometimes.

I'm not sure as I sometimes hear good things about AMD. I do have a SSD for a hard drive and they say that is a bunch better than the older HDD types of hard drives with the mechanical parts inside. I do recommend solid-state drives because it seems not to deteriorate as fast.

I use HDMI to connect to my TV and it works. When you say matrix, I assume that has something to do with the graphics, the connection between your laptop and the TV. Maybe a type of hardware failure.

If any of your problems are absolutely or even partly software related, I would recommend lighter operating systems which might be able to give your laptop more life assuming it is possible to go lighter on it.

But of course it can be tough to learn a new operating system (OS) and figure out how to make it compatible to games, software, hardware, find drivers, etc.

after half a year problems with him started, and so I went for 6 years. In some time I have to invest in a laptop of some kind. It's a pity, but more and more it caused that everything was crashing and updating the graphics drivers broke the computer. I know that you can do a computer format, but the lack of a matrix (which I broke) eliminates because it can not be done with a laptop connected via HDMI to TV (I checked) My laptop crashed in 2015 hmm $ 420 so the price is very similar to yours. for me Lenobo is a failure in use

Perhaps it is partly or totally a fault of Lenovo, I think I've heard of some bad reviews regarding them over the years.

Rest in Pepperoni.

Żałoba jest wpadnij na pogrzeb mojego laptopa może jakaś stypę się zrobi. 6 lat żył o 6 za długo hahaha

Rest in bits. :D

Podrzuć go do mnie to naprawie :)