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RE: What an amazing gaming experience

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

I've been playing this game on my boys' PS4 every now and then. It's very captivating. I like the story, and how it changes with one's choices.

For some reason the story of the little girl Alice and her drug addict father always gets me. It's kind of horrible, but simultaneously devastatingly beautiful.

Then there's the whole idea of androids becoming alive. Reminds me of my reading of Isaac Asimov's novels, movie Blade Runner, and that Swedish scifi series Äkta människor ("Real Humans"). I find it very fascinating. And being able to play as them, is a whole another level of immersion. It feels like becoming a robot, and seeing everything through their eyes.

It's a cool game.


Totally agree. Alice is one of the characters in the game that you really get attached to. Her story is like the bridge between humans and androids. I'm not sure how far you are into the game, but there is something really special about her.

Haven't crossed the border to Canada yet. I did manage to keep the police unaware of the other androids in Rose's apartment, but that's as far as I've played for now.

You are almost there. It gets so good towards the end. I was nervous about that cop and I thought he was going to find something. Especially when a noise came from the laundry room.

Nice. I'll try playing it again some day this week when the kids are at school.