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I'm not a big fan of these games because of the fact that I usually have very bad luck and lose too many times, and it's also played for money. Although today I decided to try my luck with a card game that my father played years ago, blackjack, so as not to be so risky with my bets, I just entered 1 hive into my account and see how my luck is today.

At the moment I won some games and at most I won 0.5 hive a very low profit, for me I prefer to lose 1 hive playing to stay in misery with nothing and have to start from scratch. At times it is fun to spend time locked in my house and after I get bored I will go to play Team Fortress 2. At least I'll get some wins from this game.


Pretty cool they are making things like this available still. I remember when this stuff was first picking up on Steemit and honestly, it fell off my radar rather quickly (I think it was just dice games back then, like random number generators).

Thanks for the heads up as I do like some Blackjack, might give this one a try.

I honestly lost everything, even though it was only 1 hive what I bet

Sadly, that is what I expect from these games. I know just like in real life, there are going to be people that bet the minimum and somehow turn it into a small fortune later. I know, personally, I am not one of those people. Whenever I have played for real money on these online versions of card games I have always come away losing. In person, at a casino with real cards, I seem to do a lot better. May just be my stupid luck. Lol.

The apps are still interesting - like a stepping stone to bigger and better games using the technology available. For instance, imagine if you could earn, admittedly, a small amount of crypto for playing something like Super Mario Bros based on how many coins you collected.

It's fun to do every once in a while, so long as you understand that it's unlikely to spend too much time on it and end up ahead. The house always wins. If you make some modest bets and don't get greedy, it can work out sometimes to increase your Hive, though. I've had decent luck with the Blackjack on one of the sites, anyway.

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in the end I ended up losing everything, but it was only 1 hive so the house always wins like you said, hahaha