Well this game is pretty amazing so far

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Devil May Cry 5


The first Devil May Cry game came out over 20 years ago in 2001. Since then, they have released five games and I had never played any of them. It isn't that I never wanted to, but there were so many other games that I was interested in at the time and none of the games in this series really stuck out to me.

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A few months ago, I saw Devil May Cry 5 in the Playstation store and I have been pretty interested in it ever since. The graphics looked amazing and it looked like a lot of fun. But I was a little skeptical to pay full price for the game, so I decided to wait a bit because I have recently purchased some games that really let me down and they ended up being a huge waste of money.

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A few days ago, I saw the game on sale, so I decided that this was my chance to try this game out. The game starts off with you fighting against some huge boss that kicks your ass pretty easily. This is how most of the Dark Souls games start, so I wasn't really phased by getting my ass kicked from the first thing I faced.

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You start off by playing as some dude named Nero. You find out his arm got ripped off by some demon or something. So while you fight, you switch between attacking with a sword that has a motorcycle grip that you can rev your sword up, or you can choose to attack at range with a gun. Then you can collect weird arm attachments that stick onto your stump and use those as special weapons.

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You also can play as some emo dude named V. V is a bit weird and just floats around and doesn't really do anything to personally attack. Instead, he summons monsters to fight for him. Think of him as sort of a warlock from WoW but without ever attacking himself.

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I am still in the beginning stages of the game, but it seems like you are trying to rescue this dude in the photo above. The big monster at the beginning of the game either killed him or took him and we are on a mission to try and find out what happened to him.

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Other than that, I really have no idea what in the hell is going on with this game. Now don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this game so far. The action is WAY over the top and the enemy design is so cool.

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The enemies are super cool looking and a lot of fun to fight. As you fight, the objective seems to be to try and keep a combo multiplier going to make the way you kill enemies look as cool as possible. As you fight, you collect red orbs that are used as currency to unlock new abilities or combos to really string your attacks together and get your multiplier up there. The higher your multiplier, the more red orbs you get at the end of the level.

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The graphics in this game are amazing and they seem to be super optimized. I haven't seen any frame rate drops or anything. The enemy design is really creepy and cool as well. Every scene in the game is like a way over the top action movie.

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I am excited to see where this game goes and I may end up looking at purchasing some of the earlier DMC games as well. It just sucks that I waited so long to experience these games. This one is pretty awesome so far.


I've been very curious to play this game. Mainly because it was one of the first PS5 games to offer a 120fps option. I've only played demos of older DMC games and it was when I was pretty young. I saw it on sale and considered if now might be the time... but my brother convinced me to get Far Cry 6 instead and we have been having a total blast playing co-op in that game, which I'm very surprised about. I haven't gotten into a FC game since FC3, but it feels good to be back playing it. I think I remember you getting it at launch and not being a huge fan of it, or either just not finishing it.

This game is pretty cool so far. I bet it would be better if I knew anything about the story and who all these people are.

FarCry 6 was a lot of fun. It did get repetitive towards the end, but I really liked the story.

This game is one of my favorites. There is non-stop unbridled action and a lot of style. My dream is to be as cool as Dante when I grow up haha. Glad to see you are enjoying this game.


The style of this game is really cool. Hopefully you reach your dream of being cool. That is a dream I gave up on a very long time ago.

Dude, you described the game so well, I'm drooling. I want to play this game right now. I don't know if my computer can handle it, but this thing is awesome! It's good to have so many different demons because you get bored fighting the same ones all the time. I hope the white-haired dude is alive and you can go and save him.

Hopefully you can try this game out at some point. It is a ton of fun. Hopefully I can get further in it today because I will be in Vegas for the next few days and won't be able to kill any demons.

You'll still have time to kill monsters on your return to Vegas. You just might have forgotten a bit of the story. I'll try to play it soon.

I used to be a DMC fan when I was a kid and still at the beginning of my gaming passion. However, growing up I started to be more interested in fewer horror games and rather play multiplayer/co-op ones, lol. But there is no doubt that both DMC and Resident Evil are some of the gold series in the gaming industry!

I played the first Resident Evil when it came out and then didn't play any of them again until Biohazard and Village. They really have come a long way.

I really like the Devil May Cry series, I've played them all. DMC5 has very good graphics and the combat is really fun, the only thing I don't like about this game is its plot (in my opinion it's really bad). For me the best games are DMC1 and DMC3 xD

The plot is pretty weird in this game. Mainly because I have no clue wtf is even going on. They dont really explain anything, but I am enjoying the crazy action.

sigh oh! I love everything that is DMC, is a great game ❤️😎👌🏻

It's a lot of fun so far. I am sad I missed out on the early games when they came out.

Well, it's never too late to enjoy them all, the advantage of that is that no one can stop you from playing hahaha