Trying out Watch Dogs: Legion

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This is a beautiful game


My son got me Watch Dogs: Legion last night because he wanted to see what it looked like on my gaming laptop. He doesn't have an RTX graphics card in his computer and said that even on his computer, the game looks amazing.

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Well, I would have to agree with him on this. It is an amazing looking game. According to the graphics setting menu, I am only able to run the ray tracing on medium while having the graphics on high. I wonder how awesome the game looks on ultra.

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So what is this game about?

Well I have just played through the first intro missions and barely started the game. You start off as a dude named Dalton that has a James Bond vibe to him and you are exploring this place and uncover a plot to set off bombs across London. You are part of a group called DedSec, which is an elite group of nerds that can hack anything with their phones.

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During the mission, you are able to stop one of the bombs, but find out that the group behind the bombs are trying to frame DedSec for the explosions. The DedSec base becomes overrun with bad guys that are trying to kill all the DedSec members.

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Dalton is able to disarm the first bomb with the help of a sophisticated A.I. named Bagley. Bagley does all the behind the scenes hacking work and then Dalton just unplugs the bomb.

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After you disarm the bomb, you find out that there are more bombs all over London that are preparing to go off. So then you have to control Dalton and make him go up to the top of the building where a satellite dish is so you can try and get rid of all the other bombs.

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When you get up to the roof, some drones appear alongside a massive hologram dude named Zero-Day that explains that London needs to burn to save it. Then all of the bombs go off all over the city.

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Because of the explosions, the government seems to ramp up finding the DedSec members and begins to take them out. Sabine, which was one of the DedSec members at the headquarters that got attacked tries to find any of the remaining DedSec members in the chaos.

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The city seems to be in complete anarchy and unrest as the government officials are rounding people up that they think had something to do with the bombings.

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Sabine is able to find one person that isn't dead or captured and that is when you are able to choose your character you are going to play. From the sound of things, you are able to control just about anyone in the world as you recruit them for your Legion, but you have to choose your starting character.

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The different characters you can choose from have different starting perks, so I picked this chick that has a submachine gun to start.

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I had to go around the city and find the secret entrance to the DedSec HQ. The area of the city reminded me a lot of downtown Krakow, Poland. The area above looks like one of the places I would go eat outside of my hotel. They have the best perogies and hummus that I have ever had.

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So far the game seems pretty cool. It was a nice break from playing Breath of the Wild and I am looking forward to seeing more of the city. I am pretty impressed with the optimization of the game as well. Some of the games I play on my laptop make it run pretty hot, but I downloaded the latest drivers for my GPU and it runs really nicely without having to make the fans work too hard.

My wife and daughter went and got tested for COVID again today and I am starting to feel sick as well, so I am most likely going to be quarantined for a while. That gives me time to try and get my streaming set up so I can stream some of the games that I am playing. It is also going to give me a lot more time to play some of the games that I have been missing out on. So if you are a gamer, make sure to give me a follow so you can see all of the different games I will be playing.


My boy loves his Watchdogs, he completed Watchdogs 2 and we pre-ordered Watchdogs Legion. He's a way through it already, but eagerly awaiting the expansion pack where you get to play as Wrench - because everybody wants to be

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I am only like an hour in and am looking forward to seeing where the story goes. I dont think that i will get the dlc for this one though.


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A game with a lot of adrenaline and total chaos... I imagine that you will be in suspense while you are playing it, without a doubt a good graphic section.

As you go in Breath of the Wild?

On the other hand I hope it is nothing serious what you have ... While you are in quarantine you can take ginger tea with lemon, take it as hot as you can and several times a day along with your family. It is also advisable to gargle with warm water accompanied by a pinch of salt with vinegar.
I hope you get better and that your wife and daughter test negative.

Thanks homie. We are still waiting on the results of their tests. More game time for me though, so I am not complaining.


Among so many things something positive hehe xD

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I've been waiting for this one for a long while. I'm a huge fan of both Watch Dogs and AC series but this one looks incredible :)

I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well but I hope the gaming sessions will make you feel better soon. Take care!

I almost got the new Assassin's Creed last night. That game looks amazing, but I think I am going to wait and play it on either the new Xbox or PS5.


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Sounds like a cool game. It reminds me of "The Matrix" movie because of the way the main character is a hacker and is on a mission to save London, or so he thinks. It also has a "Blade Runner" cyberpunk vibe to it.

Speaking of Blade Runner type games, I can't wait for the Cyberpunk 2077 game to release. That one looks amazing.

Personally, I really loved the essence of the first watch dogs, since it was a less colorful video game and with a history section a little more serious than it usually is today, although nevertheless I must say that the evolution of the video game is quite good In addition to the fact that the designs in some aspects of the game are incredible, I am a fan of one of the masks of the characters that are in the game, on the other, although I still prefer the essence of the first game, it does not mean that graphically and aesthetically the Game looks amazing anyway, regards❗🐻🎮🚀

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Damn I had no idea the first character’s name is Dalton (thats my name). Glad o read this blog. I think this is the first game to have a character with my name, not for sure on that though. Of course it’s a game where you can play as everyone in the city, so this Dalton seems way less important than somebody like Kratos in God of War or Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima.