The Last of Us series is some of the best games I have ever played

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Amazing story telling


I've been playing The Last of Us Part 2 for the past two weeks and this morning, I finally beat it. It was one of those games that is so good that you want to know how it all ends, but at the same time, you never want the experience to end.

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Part 2 starts off 4 years after the first game ends. I had an amazing time playing The Last of Us part 1 and was excited to see where the story went from here.

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When I started playing the game, I knew of a major spoiler because there were so many people that were very pissed off that they killed off Joel. I wasn't expecting it to be so early on in the game, but I guess it makes sense because part 2 is basically a revenge story of Ellie.

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The Naughty Dog team are masters at story telling and conveying emotion in their games. The way that they can make you care for the different characters is so good and it is something that majority of games fail at.

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One thing about playing The Last of Us series is that you can't get attached to the characters because they kill off so many that it is like Game of Thrones. As I was playing, I was just wondering who would be the next major character to get their face blown off.

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Part 2 is a massive game. I am not even sure how long it took me to complete. I am thinking it was somewhere between 30 and 40 hours. The game covers so much area and it was cool to see all the detail in the world. One thing I don't like about most open world games is that even though the world is huge, it feels empty and dull.

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This game isn't an open world, but the play area is massive like an open world. There is so much detail with every area of this game. A lot of the places you go in the game, you only go through once, but the level detail in the different areas is crazy. It makes you wonder how much time it took to create each area.

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The detail in the monsters is incredible as well. Part 2 had a few new monsters, but it was mainly the same type of enemies.

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One thing that was different with this game than the first one was that you play a lot of the game as Abby, the main person that killed Joel. At first, I hated Abby, but after playing her and seeing everything that she had been through and was going through, you start to feel bad for her.

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It was weird playing two separate characters that each had a story that was leading up to them trying to kill each other. I wasn't sure how the game would end or if you would get to choose to kill the other person or let them survive.

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By the end of the game, both Ellie and Abby have been through hell trying to survive in this world. As I was playing the game, I would try and imagine what it would be like living in a world like this one. The world was full of crazy cults, crazy military factions and groups of people just doing some of the worst shit to each other.

The Last of Us™ Part II_20220919155501.jpg

If I had to go through a zombie apocalypse like this, I would try and get as far away from people as possible and just live away from anyone.

Overall, this game was amazing, just like the first one. I am glad that I waited until the remake of part 1 came out so I can experience that game with updated graphics. Part 2 looked almost as good as the first one, but you could tell that the graphics are a bit old compared to the PS5 upgrades they did for part 1.

The Last of Us™ Part II_20220920101733.jpg

I really enjoyed everything about these games. They are brutal and don't hold anything back. If you have never played these games, I highly recommend playing through them. They really have the most incredible storyline of any game I have ever played.


I have yet to play The Last of Us Part 2, however, I did watch a let's play when the game came out (and yes I too was annoyed they killed off Joel). I personally am waiting for a sale on it (or for it to be a free game of the month/ps plus game).

Anyway, this was a well done, in-depth review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the last of us series.

The story was so good. When you stop and think about it, it made sense to kill Joel because of what he did. It was cool seeing the transformation of Ellie and Abby throughout the second game. They did an amazing job with the character development and their story arcs.

And that is why.... my daughter's name is Ellie. For realz. ;)


You had really made an amazing story out of your favorite game. I find it enjoyable too and like what you have said it has the most incredible lines. Gaming is life. Have a wonderful time my friend.

Thanks. It was a great game.

Excelent Storytelling, pal. This game is one of the reasons why I would like to buy at least a PS4 to play both parts of The Last Of Us which I think is one of Sony's best Playstation exclusives.

By the way, the quality of every image is 10 / 10 (y)


Hopefully you get your PS4 one day so you can play this series. It really is an amazing experience.

Cool! Thanks for the good vibes, pal (y)

This is one of the sagas of games that I could not play until I buy a better computer, but I have always liked this kind of sagas, I also like the saga of "Dead Space" which is pretty good too, thanks for sharing this narrative, Greetings friend!

I haven't played Dead Space yet. I have been waiting for a remake. The Callisto Protocol is going to be out soon and the Dead Space team made that one. It looks super creepy. I cant wait to play it.

It looks pretty creepy if I'm honest, Dead space is one of the few horror games I've played, I haven't completed it all yet but I'm almost to the final chapter, it's a game that scares you by any noise it makes in the room.

Looking forward to playing the 2nd one. Just need to get that PS5 first. Will probably wait until we're done moving houses in March.

Is it not on PC? I dont know which one I liked more. The second one had such a great story that filled in a lot of the gaps from the first one. I wish I could go back in time and play through them again and experience it all for the first time again.

I don't think there's any other game that can compete with this game in terms of storytelling. It really might be the best game in the world in this regard. The graphics look very good and the creatures are very unique. If the world is full enough, this is the perfect game. I think it's one of the top 5 games in the world.

Ya, this series is definitely one of the greatest in all of gaming. I have never been attached to characters like I was with this game.

Me alegro que alguien haya quedado contento con el final de este juego ya que escuche muchas quejas, no he jugado a ni al primero ni al segundo pero es algo que realmente me encantaria hacer. Esta bueno ver que aunque haya zonas donde pasas solo una vez tambien les hayan dado el cariño que se merecen.

I hope you get to play these games one day and experience this amazing story.

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The gameplay and graphics were amazing. So many instances in the game where it's just you, one person, against whole swarms or teams of people who have dogs and other tools to use against you. Can't imagine what fighting Ellie and Abby must've looked like for the other side -- like they were battling some unstoppable wraith with a magic backpack of tricks to endlessly terrorize them with. Another impressive aspect of the game is the music and enemy dialogue. I remember sometimes when Ellie killed some random enemy in the game and hid, I could watch from a safe spot as another enemy came over and voiced their distress and anger over the enemy I'd taken down -- made me feel guilty a lot. I don't know if it's possible but it would've been interesting to have a non-lethal option in the game. So often, you were forced to be so brutal but I guess the world of TLOU is itself exactly that -- very brutal. Hopefully the HBO live-adaptation TV series is nearly as good as the games.

Oh no! Goddamnit no! I thought you were cool! TLOU Part 2 sucks!

I'm just kidding, well not that last part. I have a lot of criticisms about the game and found it really lacklustre and predictable! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The only complaint I have about this game is that after all the killing Ellie did to get to Abby, she didn't kill her in the end. I mean, she does a marathon of killing so that at the end: "Look Abby, you know what, let's just leave it at that. PEACE."

Although I must admit, that flashback between her and Joel before she made the decision not to kill Abby was heartbreaking.

A more appropriate ending for me would have been that, when Ellie and her girlfriend were at the farm, and her girlfriend asked her if she was going to kill Abby, Ellie would have said no and right at that moment the story ended, making a parallel with the ending of the first game, since it gives us the idea that "she could have gone to get revenge or not".

Creating a doubt in the character of his girlfriend, as well as in us as a player. In the same way as she was left with Joel's answer at the end of the first game.