The Callisto Protocol is a Hell of a Game

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The Callisto Protocol™_20230410164416.jpg

Such a wild experience


I started playing Callisto Protocol a few months ago, but when Hogwarts Legacy and some other games came out, I stopped playing this and played the others. It was right after I finished the Dead Space Remake that I started this one and after playing it for a couple hours, I decided I needed a break from the blood and guts of these horror games.

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The premise for this game is pretty cool. You are a pilot that ends up crashing on one of Jupiter's moons. There is a prison on the moon named Black Iron Prison and the "rescue party" that ends up finding your crash site are a bunch of prison officials that arrest you and put you into the prison.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230407161021.jpg

So the main premise for the game is to find a way to escape the prison, but right after you get there, there seems to be an outbreak of some virus that begins mutating people and all hell breaks loose.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230407153750_.jpg

The Callisto Protocol didn't seem to get very good reviews and the main thing that people had an issue with was the melee combat. A lot of people seemed to think that this game should be more like Dead Space and rely heavily on guns. Having worked in a prison, it makes sense that there is not an abundance of weaponry because if the inmates were to get a hold of them, then they could attack the guards. So the main weapon that you use in the game is a riot baton that you get early on.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230409082959.jpg

Another reason why people did not like the game is that there isn't much exploration outside of the main path of the game. I don't mind this at all, especially since there is no map in the game and it is pretty easy to get turned around. The game pretty much follows a path that guides you along the story. There are some occasional paths that you can go on that aren't the main path, but the only thing that you get for exploring those is some credits for upgrades and some audio memos that can explain the story.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230409084838.jpg

The graphics are amazing. The lighting effects really make it a super creepy experience. The game is pretty dark and the atmospheric effects like fog really add to the creepy atmosphere.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230409084904.jpg

The mutated people look really cool and have a ton of detail. There aren't a whole lot of different enemy types but they do look really cool and you can shoot off limbs as they run towards you, which makes it easy to bash them with your riot baton. Ammo is pretty scarce in the game, so you need any advantage when there are several enemies.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230409084944.jpg

You also have an ability with a power glove that you can kind of use the force to push enemies into spikes or push explosive tanks into them and blow them up. The guards in the prison use the glove to control inmates that would get out of line.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230410085655.jpg

One thing that really made the game amazing was the sound design. I played the majority of the game with headphones on and they did such a great job with the sound. There wasn't much music and the game relies on the ambient noises to create a spooky atmosphere. It is pretty scary when you hear the enemies stomping around in the vents and bust through them.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230410151255.jpg

The game is about 8-10 hours long and the story is pretty cool. There is a New Game Plus that has more stuff to it, which adds some replay value. I usually don't play through games more than once because I tend to move onto the next game, but the New Game Plus is something that they recently added.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230410161213.jpg

Overall, the game was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it. If you are into Dead Space or any of the games in the survival horror genre, this game would be a great addition to your library.

The Callisto Protocol™_20230410163141.jpg

Just make sure to bring a change of underwear when you shit your pants from being scared.


The graphics of the game look absolutely amazing. I guess you're using a slice, dice, destroy tactic with the mutants. The story is good too, but the only problem is that I don't like horror games.

I normally don't play these types of games. I prefer wizards and dragons.

Let's invent gaming diapers.

I think they already are a thing. The professional League of Legends players play in them. Same with streamers.

Extra padding with wings and snug fit for games like this?


I always have a change of underwear. And a chainsaw.


"Well hello, Mr. Fancy Pants"

Bruce Campbell does not fuck around with the undead.

I like the premise and graphics. I am going to watch a see a little gameplay and see if I like this one. I generally love survival horror where you have limited supply of weapns and ammo. And a good audio design is must for these types of horror. I am excited from your review.

The story is pretty cool. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Damn, this game is real sick (in a good way, of course). Character designers did great on designing the zombies.
I wonder what this zombie is made of. Are those muscle proteins I'm seeing there? LOL.
Although I didn't try it but still I should say this is hell of a game after seeing those screenshots.

Ya. They did an amazing job designing the characters in the game.

Wow... I have no words...
But let's make like Stephen King and try to describe the indescribable.
And I mention this author because the creatures in the video game seem to be taken from his books, the graphics are sublime, in combination with the sound and the tension when playing it must be simply frightening and everything you mention that for many plays against them attracts me more to the game, I would love to play this jewel someday.

As for the post, I like that it is short, but concise, great job and very good article, thanks for sharing your opinion with us, greetings.

I’ve read so many Stephen King books. He used to be such a great author back in the day. Too bad just about every movie they made out of his books was so bad. I think Dreamcatcher was one of the worst movie adaptations. But Misery was so good.

The game looks very real and scary
It caught my attention


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I think callisto protocol lacks variety, at least for what i could see with my own to eyes, it had more an issue with some decision the company take, like, the fact that this game it's a 60$ game and has a season pass (which not only is weird but makes no sense) and the game for being a Triple A title and again with a cost of 60$ dollars it's too short, though it's my opinion i have to say that the game visually it's amazing, great post!

I really like how the characters look, and since you described the whole experience with this game, it made me want to try it, good job

Sorry to disturb the post that by the way was a great content about this infernal game, but I would like to know how I can acquire the Hive Gaming emblem for my profile since I checked the badge and saw that you are the creator, sorry again for bothering.

We lost access to the badge account a while back and we can’t use it anymore.