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A Plague Tale Requiem - Windows (4).jpg

This is going to be awesome


A Plague Tale: Requiem released today and I am pretty excited to play it. I played through the first one and really enjoyed the story.

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The game is free on Xbox if you have Gamepass, which is pretty cool. I like when they release bigger titles like this for free, but the day one releases that Xbox has had lately have been pretty bad, so I am hoping that this one is a lot better than the other releases.

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The game picks up after the events of the first one. You play as Amicia alongside her little brother Hugo during the times of the black plague. Hugo has a rare blood disease that you need to stop from spreading.

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The disease he has allows him to control the rats and he can use them as weapons as well, which during the first game, was pretty awesome. I haven't gotten that far into the second game yet, so I don't know if Hugo is going to have any extra powers or anything.

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The graphics in this second game are pretty awesome. The developers said that they were aiming for 60fps for the next gen consoles, but I have noticed that it doesn't really achieve those frame rates on my Xbox Series X. The camera can get a bit choppy when turning turning, but I am sure things will get more optimized over the next few days.

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The game does look great though. I have found a few bugs and glitches, but that is pretty much expected on launch day. The game hasn't crashed or anything, so that is a plus.

A Plague Tale Requiem - Windows (9).jpg

The trailer leads me to believe that this game will be a lot larger than the previous one. It is only 15-20 hours of gameplay, but during that time, it looks like you go to many different places and meet a lot of people.

A Plague Tale Requiem - Windows (12).jpg

One of the things that I really liked about the first game is the relationship between Amicia and Hugo. They did a great job with these characters and I am really excited to see where this new story takes them. The first game was pretty brutal and this one has already started off in a crazy way. So I know I am in for a treat with this. If you have not tried the first Plague Tale game, I highly recommend that game as it is one of the coolest stories I have ever experienced in gaming. Let's hope that this one lives up to the hype.


It doesn't matter console or PC, the first day is always a problem for games. I don't know why this happens and I wish I could find out. This game looks great though. You shared some great screenshots with us from the first game. I expect the same for this game. Have fun!

First few days are always rough. I am used to it though from games like WoW and other MMOs that have horrible launches.

The screenshots looks beautiful, is there a photo mode feature in this game?

I've seen some gameplay of the first game but I never tried it out although its in my bucket list for a long time. Maybe I'll start the first one soon.
This new part looks far better than the first game, especially its graphics fascinated me.

Ya there is a photo mode. The controls in it are a bit weird though so I don't think I will use it much. You should definitely give the first game a try. It is an amazing experience.

Thanks for the recommendation. And the sequel follows the plot/story, right? I mean in this new game.

Ya, the new game picks up where the first one ended.

This game looks amazing brother! just look at that capture where you see the river, ufff I can tell the hours of fun that await you with this game, I have read many articles of this game and are very good, I hope you enjoy it a lot.

It's been fun so far. The first game had some crazy twists and I think this story may end up being better.

A disease that allows you to control rats and use them as weapons, what a fearsome ability.😱😱😱

Ya, it's a pretty wild game.

bro!!! those graphics... look ultra epic!!!! wow!!! i wanna try this game out 친구. 나이쓰!!!

do you recommend to play the first one first? or is it like Titan Fall 2 where i can play even without playing the first one?

I have not played this game but it looks cool.

I hope it will bring like the first one. And I just admit it, graphics are getting crazier and crazier in games. I think we might see some ultra-realistic stuff in our lives. It will be just like yo are in the movie deciding the way of the plot :) Will you save private Ryan or leave him in the trench and rather go rouge to catch General nearby?

It's good to see you here after so long. This game looks great, I can't wait to play it. I'm waiting a bit to get a new GPU, I'll probably be able to enjoy it soon. I liked the first installment of this game quite a bit visually, although I couldn't play it either. The girl looks like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

I love the first game. this is going to be GREAT!

I loved the screenshots, the graphics looks epic.
But last time I checked, this game was on pre-order and it is released already.

Looks like you're one of the first players playing this beauty.

You have an eye for great games.
I thoroughly enjoy reading your reviews, along with the choice images you use to convey the soul of the game.
Great work, as usual! 👏🏾