Playing through the Uncharted series

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Hard to believe I never played through these


With the release of the Uncharted movie coming pretty soon, I realized that I had never really played through the Uncharted games. I played a couple of them for probably like 30 mins at a time back when they released, but I never completed any of them and I have no idea what the story is about, except for that you are looking for some treasure or something.

The movie looks like it could be decent, and it made me want to play through the games and get a bit of the story before going to see the movie in the theaters.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220130085042.jpg

The games came out on the PS3 and the first one was released in 2007. They were pretty groundbreaking at the time and won a lot of awards. They remastered the first three games and had the bundle for sale for $20 in the Playstation store, so I figured I would give them a try.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220130091352.jpg

Right now I am about halfway through the first game. I am trying to enjoy it, but the game is still pretty dated, even with the remaster. Controls feel a bit sloppy at times and the camera can get pretty wonky.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220130091525.jpg

Graphics are decent in this, which is weird because even before they remastered the graphics, these were pretty mindblowing graphics when the game first came out.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220130091637.jpg

But when you look up close, the character models are pretty bland and the environment is pretty basic looking and lacks a lot of detail that are found in the games that are releasing nowadays.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220131124413.jpg

One of the things that really reminds me how old this game is, is the jumping. At times, your character just seems to float on top of things when you jump onto them. The character animations in this game just feel old and it really reminds you how far games have come. It is crazy to think that the first game in this series came out 15 years ago and how much gaming technology has improved since then. It will be crazy to see what games are like in another 15 years.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220131124325.jpg

Another thing that kind of bugs me about the game and really ruins the immersion of a title like this is that there just seems to be an endless supply of bad guys trying to stop you from getting the treasure. There is a rival treasure hunter that you are going up against, and it seems he has hired hundreds of people and stashed them all over the jungle to stop you.

The AI is pretty bad in this game and they are very predictable with what they are doing. It makes it pretty easy to snipe them with headshots when they poke their heads out of cover.

Uncharted_ The Nathan Drake Collection™_20220131124658.jpg

So far though, the game is decent. The story is a bit slow at times, but it has some potential to be pretty good. I am interested to see how the next two games play once I am done with this first one. Luckily, the games are each between 8-10 hours of play, so it shouldn't take me too long to get through them.

It kind of sucks playing these games now because they aren't impressive at all, but if I had played them when they came out, I think I would have appreciated them more for what they are doing.

Overall, I think the remastered version of the games are a decent deal. $20 for three really great gaming hits is a great deal.


Uncharted is a very good saga, I remember I caught it in the collector's edition on the PS3 and it was the best way to spend those 20$. Yes, it's true that it's a shame since probably if you had played it at the time it would surprise you more, but it's still a very good game and the second part is the best of the first three imo. Enjoy playing it man, it's always good to revisit the classics.

It's a pretty good game so far. I can see how it would have been so cool back in the day.

The 2nd game is the best of the ps3 trilogy! Honestly, I don't have high hopes for the movie. Especially when Mark W looks more like Nate then Tom Holland does.

Nice. I am looking forward to finishing the first one and starting up the second. I just downloaded the fourth one last night too.

I remember getting the trilogy for cheap on my PS4 but I think I only played through the first one. It was fun but not fun enough to keep me going for three games. Maybe if I had taken a break in between them.

It's been a good break from the other games I had been playing. Good thing they are so short because I don't think it would keep my attention if it were long like Assassins Creed.

This is like a Tom Raider but male?

I had never played the titles of this game but if the movie is good I will look them up.

It does seem a lot like the older Tomb Raider games, but plays a lot like a movie as well.

More story driven tbh. But yeah, tomb rider but male. And the gameplay is slightly different.

Playing Uncharted is like watching a movie that you can interact with, I have always seen it as that game that is based on an action adventure movie, this does not make it a bad game, on the contrary, I find it amazing.

Ya, it is pretty fun so far. I just think the character animations are a bit wonky in this first one. I am hoping they get better in the later games.

Great game, haven't played the 3rd but you see a movie coming out?

Ya, I talk about the movie in the first two paragraphs of the post and share the trailer for it as well.

Haha some how i started at the part about PS3... IDK how I missed that 😂

My partner recently played through these to show me the story, because I just thought, "Meh, treasure hunting game, bad guys, whatever." and never played it for myself.

The first one is pretty ehhhhhhh... the second one is a lot better... and the third one? Had me in tears, haha. But yeah, the first one? I was falling asleep through it. 🤣

The 4th one is the best tbh.

Oh shit, just looked them up to see which one was which. It was the 4th one that had me in tears, haha!

Ya, so far it kind of sucks. Lol

One of those characters looks like the doctor from the new resident evil. Are the characters based off real people?

Not that I know of

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I always have heard a lot of the Uncharted games on PS3 and so on, and while I never had the chance to try any of them because I've only been near a PS4 once (and didn't see that game), they sound pretty cool considering they are made by Naughty Dog and all the praise they get. Also saw a trailer of the movie when I went to watch Spiderman NWH; that looks like its gonna be pretty fun 😎

Uncharted 4 Still didnt come to PC:/ have been waiting for so fricking long:( can do anything else but watch game plays and be sad.:/

I actually just got the game and started playing. It seemed really interesting, a friend of mine told me, the movie is coming out soon.



This is the one I started on Ps4, I feel it great. I cant still say much of the game, as am just getting started and haven't played up to 2 hours.


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