God of War Ragnarok is finally out!!

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This is going to be amazing


God of War Ragnarok finally released today and I am super excited to play through this game. I have loved every game in the GoW series and from what I have heard, this is going to be the biggest game they have ever made.

God of War Ragnarök_20221109105214.jpg

I have tried to stay away from any articles lately that show anything about this game because I do not want anything to be spoiled. With that in mind, I won't be releasing any spoilers in this post. I have only played through the first hour or two and I can tell it is going to be wild.

God of War Ragnarök_20221109105609_1.jpg

The game starts off in what looks like a couple years after the last God of War that came out in 2018. Atreyus is a bit older and still trying to learn what his place is among the gods.

God of War Ragnarök_20221109111222.jpg

During the first few minutes of the game, Freya makes a quick appearance to remind you that she is still pissed about what you did in the first game. If you have not played through the 2018 GoW, I would highly recommend that you play through that or else you will be pretty lost. That game is free for Playstation Plus members, so be sure to play that one. It is not as long as this one and can be completed in around 40 hours or so, while the new one is closer to 60.

I am really digging the longer game length for these stories because I have always loved destroying people as Kratos and the more I can get out of the game, the better. The 2018 game really changed how GoW plays and this new one is supposed to make combat harder and some people have even compared it to Dark Souls, which could be fun since I have fallen in love with the From Software games over the past year.

God of War Ragnarök_20221109111434.jpg

The graphics are amazing in this game, which was to be expected. I am playing it on the PS5 and there are two different graphics modes that you can play in. I am playing on the performance mode that prioritizes fps because I dont care if things are in 4k if they are choppy when I am moving around. I prefer a smooth 60fps or above.

Now, I know all the PC nerds are going to say that PC is better because your video card can do a million frames per second on the highest settings, but your PC can't play this game right now. It's always funny how the PC master race has to think they are better, but I guess you have to justify paying $1000 or more for your video card. Anyways, enough of that rant and back to the God of War game that PC nerds wont be able to play for a while...

God of War Ragnarök_20221109152416.jpg

God of War has come a long way since the release of the first God of War back in 2005 on the PS2. I remember borrowing that game from a friend while I was in the Army and had a 24 hour staff duty. I brought my PS2 and TV in with me and played the entire game through the night and fell in love with the series. I have played all the GoW games since and they have all been so much fun.

God of War Ragnarök_20221109163718_1.jpg

Thor just showed up at the house and I am guessing he is pretty pissed, so it will be interesting to see what happens from here. I won't be doing any other posts on this game because I don't want to spoil anything for people here. The stories in the GoW games get pretty crazy with all their twists and turns. I have been waiting a long time for this game and I am excited to finally be able to play it.


I remember my first time playing GoW when I was a kid. A friend always invited me to his house and we played GTA on his PS2. One day we decided to try GoW and we were hooked. The amount of action in that game was insane, plus there were hot girls 👀. Thanks to GoW I have a huge love for Hack and Slash. The truth is that if I could have a last generation console it would be great, but for now I can only invest a little in my PC. I will try to keep my eyes closed when it comes to Ragnarok as I really want to enjoy it when it is available on PC.


I don't want to spoil anything in the game for people. The newer GoW games are less hack and slash button mashing, and I am digging it. It took me a while to get used to it with the 2018 game, but I really like the new combat.

Oh I know the game is awesome because I follow a youtuber. He already released 10 episodes and the game looks really incredible man. I don't know when I'll be able to play this game but I hope I can play the version that came out in 2018 first and then this one.

You will definitely need to play the 2018 one first. It was a masterpiece and I've heard this one is so much better.

MAN, this game is being absolutely insane. The first hour of gameplay is unbelievable and unreal. I started it a day ago and it has all the makings of a memorable and epic journey. I'll need a vacation to be able to completely lose myself in it, haha.

nah as a pc player i can wait a bit longer , let the console players be beta testers 1st 🤣
same is always with the GTA games , and yes i payed more then $1000 for graphic card last year but when things are broken you need to buy something to replace it .

bottem line most important is that you enjoy the game while playing everything else doesn't really matter.

I'm fine with being a beta tester if it means I get to experience this masterpiece before PC. I've got a nice gaming PC and all the consoles and I prefer playing everything on console. It's more relaxing for me to kick back on my couch and play on the big screen with surround sound blasting.

that is always a personal thing , i used to play on consoles back in 1990 [ playstation 1 , snes , 3do , Neo Geo ] but when the pc got better in performance +/- 1994 -1995 i switched and never went back . i just prefer the mouse keyboard combo :)

CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived, now you can spend 60 hours of fun with this legendary game, the graphics look exceptional and I guess the gameplay is even better, since the comparison with dark souls, good luck brother and enjoy your adventure in this gamer universe.

Thanks man. I am pretty excited about this one. Have you been able to play any of the GoW games?

Only for PS2 and 3 but not all, as I played it on a relative's console.

Man, I have not beaten a single GOW game. One of these days I'm going to sit down and play every single one of them! I know that GOW (2018) is sort of a soft reboot, but I'm the type of dude that needs to play every single entry in a series or else I'd feel like I'm missing out xD

GoW 2018 can kind of be a standalone game, but you will want to play through them all to really experience all of the shit that Kratos has endured in his life. Kratos is an asshole in the 2018 game, but if you understand why, it makes a lot of sense. He has been to hell multiple times and fought his way out. The stories are amazing. Hopefully you can experience them one day.

I know the general story of the GoW games, but it is something I still want to experience myself :P. I might put the games on my backlog for this winter!

The only thing I don't like about this series is that if you don't have the physical discs, you have to stream them on PlayStation Plus. I really hate the streaming option. The old games aren't big files so they should let you download them so they don't play like shit.

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I can't wait to get familiar with the lore as people play this game.

It's gonna be awesome.

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Oh hell yeah man. Didn't know it was released already. Looks crazy good. Have fun dude!

Thanks homie. Just got stuff done around the house and I am about to fire it up.

I've played GOW games since I had PS2, I'm currently playing the 2018 one on PC and I think is really cool. I hope you enjoy journey through Ragnarok dude!

Thanks man. Enjoy the 2018 one. It is an amazing journey and will have you looking forward to Ragnarok.

Most awaited

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It’s great, but I seriously cannot believe it didn’t launch with a photo mode. Especially since the last game has photo mode, why not just import that and be done with it. They say it’s coming post-launch… ya know after people like us are already finished.

I tried the resolution mode and it was literally unplayable to me. 100% without a doubt gotta go with the higher frame rate, it still looks gorgeous that way too.

I was wondering why there was no photo mode in this one. I’ve only been playing in performance mode. The resolution mode on Forbidden West was horrible so I assume this would be the same.

Thats the only major gripe I have with the game so far. That and I’ve already had to look up how to finish multiple puzzles. They don’t hand out many clues, but it was like that with the last game too.