Far Cry 6 is one of the most amazing looking games I have ever played

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Far Cry® 6_20211027155550.jpg

These graphics are insane


I can't believe how amazing this game looks on the PS5. It is crazy to think of how far video games have come and where they are headed.

Far Cry® 6_20211026082753.jpg

It is hard to comprehend how much data is on the screen at any given time while playing this game. Like the image above where each tree and blade of grass has its own movement, not to mention the foggy haze that just adds another level of realism.

Far Cry® 6_20211027161324.jpg

I think as video games continue to evolve and push the boundaries of what is possible in these virtual worlds, it is going to be the little details that really shine and make the games so much more immersive. Little things like lighting effects and reflections just add so much to the gaming experience that it is hard to go back to games without these additions.

Far Cry® 6_20211027210559.jpg

When I was playing last night, I completely forgot I was even in a video game. It was night and there was a storm in the game and the rain had just stopped. The road I was driving on had a layer of water and some puddles on it and as cars were driving towards me, their lights were reflecting off the water and across the windshield of the vehicle. It was so realistic that it was crazy.

Far Cry® 6_20211023090245.jpg

The windshields even had a light dirty layer on them where the windshield wipers don't clean. All of the vehicles have their own interior as well, with rust and scratches all over in them. The level of detail that was put into this game is just crazy.

Far Cry® 6_20211025092726.jpg

Even the cockfighting in the game looks amazing. There is so much detail put into something that most games would just push out as quickly as possible.

Far Cry® 6_20211025092834.jpg

I am now one of the greatest cock fighters in the world. The cock fighting is an easy way to get money in the game and there are a lot of cocks to collect.

Far Cry® 6_20211025092900.jpg

Hopefully I can collect all the cocks in the game and have a massive cock collection one day. Just look at that beautiful cock my guy has.

Far Cry® 6_20211028091400.jpg

Another cool thing I have noticed as I play is that each night, the moon changes the phase that it is in. When the moon is full in the game, it is actually a lot brighter than normal.

Far Cry® 6_20211028092411.jpg

The game really comes to life at night because there are so many amazing lighting effects going on. The devs have done an amazing job with this game so far and I am really looking forward to the future of video games. Who would have thought when the Atari was released in the late 1970s that gaming would have evolved to the level it is now. I can't wait to see where gaming takes us in the next 20 years.


Hopefully I can collect all the cocks in the game and have a massive cock collection one day. Just look at that beautiful cock my guy has.

You're the king of the cocks.

A true cock connoisseur



They are extremely cool, even much better than the COD ones.

I haven't been a fan of COD for a long time now.

idk about gameplay but graphics looks even better than in Far Cry Primal

deranged the cock collector

So many cocks to collect in this game and so little time

excellent images, full of realism

Ya. The game is pretty awesome.

It does look awesome. I'm currently playing through FC4 and have been pretty impressed with its graphics. Although I'm not a hardcore gamer.

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Have fun with FC4. That one was a lot of fun.

It's quite a step up from 3. I love it so far. Is 5 worth playing or should I skip and get 6?

5 was fun and you can probably pick it up for like $10 with all the expansions. That is what I did and I had a lot of fun with it.

Awesome! Thanks

I have seen that this game has surprised many, I even recently heard a small review where they said that, after Far cry 3 this was the best they had released. It looks amazing and the detail of the phases of the moon seems crazy to me, I love those little things that perhaps many do not notice but the fact that they are there denotes quality and effort, when I can I will try to get it.

Ya. There are so many little things that make this game awesome. The auto loot feature is a nice addition when fighting people. You can also outline anything that can be looted so it makes seeing the crafting materials a lot easier.