Elden Ring's End Game is Brutal

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I don't want the journey to end


Man, this game has been the best adventure I have had in gaming and I do not want it to end. I guess that is a good thing that it is extremely hard during the end game.

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A few days ago, I got to Godfrey, which is known as the first Elden Lord in this world. There were a few different bosses that I was expecting to see before I got to him, but I guess I didn't explore certain areas or do some of the quest lines to reach those bosses. From what I can tell, Godfrey is the last main story boss before reaching the Elden Beast, which from what I have heard, is the very last boss before completing the game.

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This dude is crazy and he hits super hard with a few different attacks that can pretty much one shot you, especially in the second phase.

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After changing builds several times, I was able to get him within one hit this morning, but as of writing this post, I still have no beaten him. One of the greatest things about this game is that you can go somewhere else when you get frustrated, and trust me, it happens A LOT.

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After getting wrecked for a couple hours on Godfrey, I decided that I wanted to go do some of the other bosses that I have missed. The main one I wanted to face was Malenia, Blade of Miquella. She is supposed to be the hardest boss fight in all of the games that From Software has created.

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Getting to her was no easy feat either. From what I have read, you want to be at least level 140 just to go through her area to find her. I spent two days going through her dungeon before I reached her. The main reason I spent so long was there is some pretty strong gear in that area and I spent a lot of time running all over to find stuff, but I am sure I missed plenty of them.

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When you reach Malenia, she is just chillin. She is sitting next to the Haligtree which may contain her brother Miquella. The lore is crazy in this game and I really love that aspect of it.

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She is a true warrior and has never been defeated. She is missing an arm and her body is filled with scarlet rot that is basically eating her from the inside. But as you walk in, she starts strapping her armor on and gets ready for a fight.

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Going into this fight, I knew it was going to be pretty tough. She has some massive AOE skills that can kill you in one shot if you don't dodge the first one.

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I attempted to fight her a few times but wasn't even getting close to defeating her. So I looked up some guides and found that there is a new summon that works really good against her, so I set out on a mission to go find it. After a few hours, I had the new summon and had leveled it up to +10 and went back to fight her.

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When you get her life all the way down, the hard part of the fight is just beginning. She basically turns into a butterfly and grows massive wings with butterflies that come off of them and she smashes into the ground doing massive AOE damage.

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This is such an amazing looking fight. From Software has done such a great job with this game. Even all of the side bosses and side dungeons are massive and have so much time that was put into them.

I have tried for a couple days now to defeat her, but I still can't do it. I spent the majority of today exploring, leveling up and trying some new builds. I had started off the game with a mage build, but I ended up being more of a "battle mage" that uses melee and some ranged attacks, but I wanted to try out a faith build.

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Today I found out about a boss in an area that I had cleared and man, the arena for this fight was amazing.

ELDEN RING™_20220405143412.jpg

This is a massive three headed dragon. One of the heads had been chopped off in a previous fight or something and is just a stump.

ELDEN RING™_20220405144033.jpg

All of the boss fights in this game are pretty epic, but this one is so cool. The heads shoot fire and lasers and he throws lightning all over the place.

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The lasers are so stupid. They have such a long range and can hit you pretty easily. I am still working on figuring out the timing to dodge them.

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The last phase of the boss is the hardest. He flies up in the air and dive bombs at you, teleports to you and swipes you with his claws or he just throws a massive lightning bolt that you need to full on sprint away from because the AOE field is huge.

ELDEN RING™_20220405145850.jpg

I am adding this boss to the list of end game bosses I still have not killed. I am trying to decide if I am going to just continue to fight Godfrey and then beat the game and enter new game plus and play through it all again and try to fight Malenia and the other bosses or just fight those other bosses and beat them now so I have their gear going into new game plus.

All I know is that the end game is brutally hard. I am hoping that the new faith build works in my favor and I am able to beat them. There are a lot of faith spells all over the world that I need to go and get now. It is crazy how much content this game has. I am loving every second of it though, even the frustrating times. This is such an amazing game.


That looks amazing! What platform is that?

I'm playing on PS5 but it's on pc and Xbox too.

How many hours have you clocked?

I've got around 97 so far. There is still a lot that I haven't done, so I am hoping to get to the rest of the game in new game plus.

Do you think you'll end up with 500+ hours when you're done?

I doubt it. I am at the Elden Beast right now. I think my first play through will be the longest. I have so many other games to play right now. So once I get this last boss down, I will take a break.

The bane of modern man. Too many games not enough time.

Hi! I have to be honest, i didtn see the photos cause im playing Elden, congrats for reaching the end game!

Have fun man. I love this game.

Lots of people playing Elder Ring lately and I still haven't tried it out. Shame on me!

Seems like one of those game that are a trending now but at least it's for a reason and not because it's full of bugs or something as it happened with Cyberpunk lol

Ya, this game is one of the best games ever made. It deserves all of the attention it is getting. I bought Cyberpunk when it first came out and it was so buggy that I have never gone back to it.

I feel you. I tried playing it like 3 months ago and still encountered lots of bugs so I abandoned that one as well

Ya, it was a huge let down.

thank looks dope O_O

It really is

wow looks epic the final battle now will you try any other build or will you try to do 100%?

I will probably try out more builds in new game plus. There is so much to do in the game and I like that they offer the new game plus to continue the adventure

I honestly don't know how to play video games, but those images look so impressive that I would play it just to see those moving images. Are they screen prints or downloaded from some site?

You might have a hard time with this game if you don't normally play video games. It is super hard. All of the pictures in the post are screenshots I took while I was playing.

I figured it was difficult. I can see that you really know how to play it and enjoy it. 🎮

I still don't know what I'm doing half the time.

I can't wait to get my ass kicked by that lion guy, lmao.

Ya, he is pretty hard. I can't believe I got him to one hit and died.

Incredible visual spectacle, I hope one day to have the availability to play such a work

I hope you can too. This game is one of the top games ever to be released.

Game looking crazy out there. Man i really hope that someday i'll have the opportunity to play it, miyazaki really knows how to make games