Dying Light 2 - First Impressions

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Better Buckle Up, Cause it's About to Get Wild


Dying Light 2 came out a couple days ago and I have been looking forward to this game for a while. I have never played the first one, but my son loved it and I have never really heard anyone say anything bad about it. So most of the people I know are super hyped that part two has released.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204111001.jpg

This game is set 22 years after the first one. The whole premise behind the game is that a virus has infected the human race and turned most of the world's population to zombies. Now people live in settlement type of cities and do their best to combat the zombies.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204111101.jpg

One of the really crazy things about this game is the main city that it takes place, everyone is infected with the virus in some way, and they have wear bio markers on their arms that display the level of infection and how close they are to turning.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204170408.jpg

So to keep you from turning all the way into a zombie, you have to sleep by UV lights and most of the indoor buildings in the game have UV lights in them to keep the people at healthy levels.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204170505.jpg

So while some of the zombies can be outside in the day time and don't seem to be harmed by the sun or UV lights, at night is when the crazy monsters come out.

The game has a pretty cool day/night cycle and when it is night time, that is when you are able to go into certain areas for better loot, but everything is much harder. Plus you are trying to keep your own infection levels in check and every now and then, you need to get in some UV lighting to reduce your levels.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204111149.jpg

I used to not be a fan of open world type of games mainly because their sheer size and length were kind of intimidating and I didn't have as much free time as I do now, so trying to complete one of these games was damn near impossible for me. But I am really beginning to love these games because you really get your monies worth with the amount of game time you get out of them.

And this game is supposed to be massive. Some people have reported that there are some elements of it that can get pretty repetitive, but so far, I am really enjoying it.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204113222.jpg

The graphics are amazing and they have done a really great job at creating this creepy world that really sucks you in. The immersion with the first person is crazy. I got pretty stoned last night and played for about an hour and my heart was pumping pretty hard because this game can get pretty scary.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204174143.jpg

I was exploring a hospital and trying to sneak past all these different zombies that are sleeping. But if you make noise or get to close to them, they wake up and alert all the other zombies and then things can get crazy and before you know it, you are fighting off hordes of zombies. You don't have any cool weapons like guns or anything, so you are getting up close and personal with these zombies as you beat them with a bat or hack their limbs off with makeshift swords and axes.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204190703.jpg

The level of detail is crazy in this too. As I was fighting off a large group of zombies, I had hacked the legs off of one of them and he was crawling around and squirting blood all over the floor. This game has so many small details that really immerse you into the game world.

Dying Light 2_ Stay Human_20220204162600.jpg

I am really looking forward to exploring this world more and running from zombies. The devs said that the game has around 500 hours of game time to complete everything in the game, so it will be cool to see how much this world really offers.

So far I am really enjoying the game and the play style that I am not really used to. It is a breath of fresh air to have a game that had so much hype behind it actually deliver in its promise so far. I am just hoping that the Horizon Forbidden West is not a let down either.


I really thought I was going to get this game. I was like you and never played the first one much, well besides for a couple of minutes when my brother got it.

What stopped me from getting 2 was when I realized how much crafting id be doing, well kind of. Mainly I refrained because I don’t normally enjoy games that keep me on edge. Running around at night in this game would surely be stressful at times. Plus I heard of some bugs and possible issues with save files getting corrupted if you play co-op. I think I might play this game down the road if I can get it for super cheap, but not at launch. The parkour looks so awesome.

Horizon Forbidden West is what I cannot wait to play. Some crafting in that too, but hopefully not quite as much. I like the looks of the world a lot more, so colorful and bright. Nothing to scare me 🤣 I ain’t afraid of no robo-Dino.

I actually just got Biomutant for only $20 today. I think that’ll hold me over until Horizon. I know you played Biomutant before and didn’t really like it… I hope my opinion is different. I looks so damn cool to me. About to start it now.

Is the crafting aspect something new in this one? The first one had crating as well but it was just at the click of a button. Choose the item to craft and then it's made in like a second. I played around 80 hours of the first one and the crafting barely takes up time.

Just saying this cause it's a shame you're skipping it for that when I'm not sure it will be the case. It would be a really weird addition to the game seeing as this one is all about that parkour and zombie slaying. Could be wrong though.

Main reason for me not buying it is having to run around at night to get some of the best stuff. Even if it’s not totally horrifying, it’s still just not as chill as some other games are to me. Having to craft a bunch of stuff to survive isn't the worst thing ever, I’ll admit that. I'm not sure if I like how weapons break either. It could be good bc you are encouraged to use a variety of weapons, but would also suck to lose a really awesome weapon that you love. I guess I just didn’t ever play the first one so I really don’t know what I’m missing out on with 2.

I haven't really done much crafting in the game so far, except for some first aid stuff. The night is super stressful and gets pretty crazy. Luckily you don't seem to lose any loot when you die because I have died a lot so far. I am still trying to get used to the whole rooftop traveling aspect of this because the streets are way too deadly at night. So far I am enjoying it though.

I bought Biomutant at launch and hated that game. It just seemed so incompetent because the world was so big and empty.

I'm sure crafting isn't something you have to do nonstop. I just want my health to regenerate without me having to think about it... rather than find bandages or whatever and craft a med-kit. Just me complaining, I've enjoyed games where I’ve had to do exactly that.

I’m finishing up the tutorial for Biomutant now, so I’ll have to see if it gets good to me. If not, I have 7 days to get a full refund for it 😎

Biomutant started out kind of cool, but it went downhill fast. It was pretty slopping with animations and lacked any content in the world. Maybe they patched it and made it a bit better.

Well… I don’t like Biomutant 🤣😂

Ya dude, that game sucked, lol.

Jean and I purchased the first one a week ago, we plan to try it out in co-op. This one looks amazing, I'm sure like you, I'd shit my pants every time I played. That thing about avoiding turning into a zombie with UV lights I've never seen elsewhere, nice. 🤠

Ya, it is a pretty cool twist that makes you try and be as quick as possible at night when you are out trying to get that loot.


Oh sweet!

I played so much of the first Dying Light and really enjoyed it, surprisingly. Parkour style gameplay is not exactly something I go out of my way to play. Nights were terrifying though. While I really enjoyed the day time, the nights were terrible. My partner and I played co-op, and at night I made him do everything and I'd just try to survive and stay hidden, haha.

I was a bit on the fence about getting this second installment because there were quite a few publicised development issues. Was waiting to see other people's first impressions first. xD

I think the night time in this one is a lot more intense than the first one. I am loving the game so far.

The 2 looks absurdly awesome. I started playing 1 and the truth is I still haven't felt completely hooked, mostly because my pc suffered a bit to play it (well, actually it suffer quite a bit. I can't play at more than 40 fps even in 1024x768 XD).

I hope you have an amazing time with this one, I can tell it's going to be a pretty epic game.

Enjoy the first one. This one is amazing. I wish I would have played the first one too.

Man nighttime was crazy in the first game, I can only imagine what tit is like in this one. I wish I could run this game but my old PC sucks. haha

I may fire up the first one and do some live stream but I have been just started another game of skyrim.

Ya, it gets crazy at night in this one. I am getting chased all the time. It's a blast.

I've got this one set aside as a future buy, as I'm only partway through the first one. I was a huge fan of the co-op, especially at night, as the intensity is less nail-biting when you're screaming over comms at your friends while they (or you) are dying. Yes, that's right: Some of my most enjoyable moments with Dying Light were simply me, dying, surrounded by zombies, as a friend failed miserably in their attempts to save me. That, and "Jombies".

It seems like this will be another deep game to enjoy getting lost in, even if it might take several years to do so :S


Playing this with a friend would be a blast. Have fun with the first one. I think you will really enjoy this one as well.

I'm really not a fan of watching horror stuff, much less than playing it by myself, but really, the graphics? AWESOME. Small details of blood are really being emphasized. And the zombies are scary af. I bet I can't last a 30 seconds there. hahahahaha. I am also assuming the sound effects are awesome too? Cause sound effects boosts up the "scaryness" of a game. I bet the screams and growls are realistic. hahahahaha oh god, I can't imagine myself playing this, but cool game! Appreciate it so much.

Ya, the sound is pretty awesome in this too. It adds to the whole creepy ambience.


I can't wait to get going with this game. Just gonna finish up Nier: Automata and God of War before I pick up this and then eventually Elden Ring. I try not to play more than two games at a time these days so that I don't end up losing track of one.

I ended up uninstalling Nier. I just couldn't get into it. It was like the game was confused on what it wanted to be.

This game is pretty crazy so far. It is a lot different type of experience than other open world games. It always seems like you are on the verge of dying or being turned into a zombie. The night time gets crazy.

Nier is different and unique for sure. I just love all the details and the deep lore in it. It's a fantastic game for someone who likes worldbuilding like me. Shame you dropped out of it.

I remember the night time was quite intense in DL1 but you could avoid it most of the time. Doesn't seem to be the case here.

Ya, they force you to go out at night in this one. It gets crazy, but I am starting to really enjoy the game. The map and quest pointer is pretty annoying at time tho


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