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So... It's official. After rumours of Nvidia actually buying ARM, it has finally happened. Nvidia bought ARM for $40B. 40. 40... 40 BILLION USD. That's a lot of money changing hands, though it's not all cash from what I've read so far on the internet, some of the payment to SoftBank (the Japanese conglomerate that owned ARM previously) will be with Nvidia stocks/shares instead.

One thing I am worried about is the situation regarding ARM China, in case you did not know, ARM has various headquarters around the world. The UK, US and China. ARM China, the subsidiary I want to talk about, went rogue in the last couple months where the CEO of the subsidiary was actually voted off, in other words, fired from the company. However, by hiring private bodyguards and blocking the building, he actually prevented anyone from going in and forcing him out. I don't know the exact specifics but they've been on a standoff for a few months now.

How does this benefit gamers?

It is no surprise to anyone that Nvidia has a bigger wallet than ARM (obviously) the bigger wallet is also accompanied by more employees, better working conditions, better tools and other various factors to potentially speed up ARM's development.


As Nvidia detailed on the image above, the purchase, in the long term, will help Nvidia implement their own GPU and AI IP into ARM's core structure and vice versa. This may result (potentially) in new graphics cards having better controllers for the AI and ML.

Or the best possible thing? Imagine a Nintendo Switch, or your smartphone having a CPU that runs on Ampere for graphical processing. Imagine RTX 3080's architecture on your phones thanks to ARM + Nvidia IP merger.


This purchase will also potentially improve server workload as ARM chips are slowly gaining traction in the server scene. This also means we could have stronger and efficient (hence cheaper) supercomputers. This would again benefit us gamers as Nvidia could run more and likely even more powerful DLSS tests, improving the DLSS quality on RTX cards later down the road.

Overall, as a Raspberry Pi fan, a gamer and an IT guy dealing with servers, if Nvidia really pays ARM the attention it deserves, this is a very awesome thing to happen.

Images sourced from official Nvidia assets

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 last year 

It's a hefty purchase all right.

Like I said on Marky's thread...and I thought SAP spending $8 billion to acquire Qualtrics was a huge spending.

I plan on upgrading my rig in the next year or two, so I hope I will benefit from this.


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