Zzap! 64 (August 1992)

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Cover of the August 1992 issue of Zzap! 64

The U.K. was lucky enough to have a few different Commodore 64 gaming magazines over the years. Zzap! 64 was probably the most well known of those and it was published well into the 1990s. The August 1992 issue includes:


  • Zzap! Zone - Rumors of a Nintendo takeover of Commodore (not sure where that one came from) plus the Zzap! staff give their opinions of the U.S. in light of a special U.S. sports feature this month.

  • Tapeworm - An overview of the software on the cover tape this month which includes the following four complete games: Detective, Pi*r^2, L.A. Adventure (part 1), and Battle Bars.

  • Stuff - News and new product including a SCART TV in Australia, an international software pirate gets caught, and Parasol Stars for the C64 gets cancelled because the nearly complete copy was stolen from the developer. This story turned out to not be entirely accurate. It turned out that the guy's wife left him and destroyed all his disks. However, more recently, a new port was shown nearing complete. Not sure if it has been released or not...

  • Compo - Answer a few trivia questions correctly for a chance to win every Hi-Tec game released for the Commodore 64. That's 30 games.

  • U.S. Sports - An overview of some of the sports games released in the U.S. for the Commodore 64 including 4th and Inches, TV Sports Football, Cyberball, Superbowl Sunday, Grave Yardage, GFL Championship Football, Superbowl, Touchdown Football, On-Field Football, Mind Games American Football, Headcoach, Hardball, Street Sports Baseball, World Series Baseball, Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball, On-Field Baseball, Two on Two Basketball, R.B.I. Baseball 2, Jordan Vs Bird, Superstar Ice Hockey, California Games, Powerplay Hockey, and International Basketball.

  • Previews - Previews of upcoming games for the C64 including Wrestling Superstars and Jimmy's Grand Prix.

  • It's Corky! - Tips, cheats, and hacks for Arnie, The Bod Squad, The Jetsons, Monty on the Run, DJ Puff, The Simpsons, Myth, WWF Wrestlemania, Microprose Soccer, and Turbo Charge.

  • How to Be a Megastar - A how to guide for getting your original game published.

  • Poster - Answers to letters from readers about setting up a printer and faulty game disks plus various comments about the magazine.

  • Flashback! - Review of an older Commodore 64 games including Supercars, Cyberball, Nightbreed, Klax, Silent Service, Crackdown, and Tusker.

Table of Contents from the August 1992 issue of Zzap! 64


  • Daffy Duck - A platform game by Hi-Tec featuring Daffy Duck.

  • Die Hard 2 - An Operation Wolf style game based on the movie of the same name.

  • Dylan Dog - An arcade adventure with a secret agent theme.

  • European Champions - A mediocre soccer game.

  • Euro Football Champ - Another mediocre soccer game.

  • James Pond II: Codename Robocod - A pretty good conversion of the Sega Genesis / Amiga classic.

Back cover of the August 1992 issue of Zzap! 64

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