Commodore Format (July 1995)

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Those in the U.S. might find it hard to believe, but Commodore Format was a Commodore 64 magazine that was still being published in the U.K. in 1995. This issue from July 1995 includes:


  • News special: C64 reborn! - ESCOM, the second largest European PC manufacturers are to relaunch the C64 in the developing countries. Simon Forrester gets out his atlas and looks at the implications of this announcement.

  • Win!Win!Win! - Take yourself to the edge, a very sharp edge. We have five copies of the spectacular beat'-em-up Sword of Honour to give away. Turn to page 8 to see how to win a copy NOW!

  • On The Powerpack
    • Capture - Simply board Capture may be, but it's never dull. Capture is a game of strategy and skill. Move your tiles around: preferably on to squares which are already occupied by your opponent. Well, do you have any cause to be nice to him or her?
    • Trashman


    • News/C64 Scene Directory - Did you win a JiffyDOS upgrade? A Shoot-'em-up-destruction Set? And, what's the C64-wise?
    • The Mighty Brain - You ask. We give as good as we get. No, better.
    • Back to BASICs - You are under mortarboard attack from Simon Forrester who is determined to teach you BASIC.
    • Buy-a-rama - Sold on the idea of CF classifieds? You should be!


    • Sword of Honour - It's spectacular. It's a beat-'em-up. It's got ninjas.


    • Gamebusters - Squarescape, Superstrike, Spacewar and SEUDS.
    • Public Domain - Succumb to Lethargy and Contraflow.


    • GEOS - Go faster gripes? You can speed up your printing.

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Interesting! I have very little experience with the Commodore 64, and it's so cool to see that there was a magazine dedicated to it!

Honestly though, I'd love to pick one up, just to mess around with BASIC haha

The Commodore 64 was my primary gaming platform from 1985 to 1993 though it has some competition from the NES and SNES. I also learned to program in BASIC on it and used it for a few other things as well.

Really fascinating. Too bad 1995 was well past due date for the C64 and the world had already moved on - at that point not only to 16bit, but even past the Amiga/ST era and well within PC compatibles. Even gaming consoles were already two generations past, with the Playstation launching in late 1995.
Still, always good to walk down memory lane.

Yeah, 1995 was very late for the C64 but it held on in Europe longer than North America. Commodore was still manufacturing and selling the Commodore 64 up until April of 1994. The Commodore 64 was my only computer until 1993 and I used it for gaming up until then too despite also having an NES and SNES.

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Looks interesting but I never got the chance to play this game. Maybe I am too late for this.