I installed a 1 TB WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe M.2 SSD with Heatsink to expand storage inside of my PS5

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A major upgrade for my birthday 🎮🎂

I've been contemplating whether it was worth shelling out the money for some extra storage space in my PS5. The stock SSD is only 825GB and after software updates and other files categorized as "Other" is stuffed in there, I'm only left with a measly 667GB. If you know anything about modern game file sizes, that's barely enough to keep 5 games downloaded at once. Call of Duty for instance is nearly 200 GB.

Luckily, PlayStation has made upgrading the PS5's storage a breeze. You can easily add a compatible SSD and still use the stock SSD, which means storage should never be a problem again.

I had my eyes on the WD_BLACK SN859 NVMe SSD.

The only reason I held off for so long was the price. I had hopes that eventually the prices would go down and at last, they have. It just so happens that my birthday was yesterday too, so I was lucky enough to get this as a wonderful gift from my parents. Even though I just turned 30, they still love to treat me like I just turned 13, which I will never fully deny them the joy of doing, although I do resist somewhat.


After visiting with them for a few hours, I walked out of their house with a brand-new SSD in hand. My next task was to install this bad boy. This would be the first time I've ever worked on the internals of any of my expensive tech devices. I've never owned a PC, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with the process. I was however excited to learn and knew this would be pretty simple.


This easy-to-follow video from PlayStation walks you through the very simple steps of opening your PS5 and safely installing the new SSD.

It was as simple as popping the bulky white cover off the bottom of the console. Then there was a metal plate closing off the SSD expansion area, I took one screw out of that and it was off.

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The last step is to remove the final screw and washer then install the SSD and lock it in with that same screw and washer duo. This screw gave me major problems uninstalling. It was in there so tight that I just couldn't get it. I looked it up online and apparently, it is a very common problem. Luckily I had some pliers and they allowed me to grab the washer and finally get the screw loose. It took way longer than it should have, but I was so relieved to finally get this new SSD in there correctly.

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One of the main selling points of the PS5 is the quicker load times thanks to the SSD that it comes with. It typically gets read speeds of about 5500 MB/s, not too bad. This new WD_BLACK SSD is even quicker, allowing for speeds up to 6500 MB/s. This means that not only will I have more storage, but also better performance.

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As you can see, the regular SSD is already almost full, with less than 100GB left. I like to have extra space so I can record gameplay in 4K without having to worry about running out of space for the files. Plus, I have gotten so tired of having to delete and download games every week when I decide to play something new. More times than once this has forced me to pretty much give up on a game since I couldn't play it without waiting for it to download and install again.

Not only does the new SSD have a whopping 1 TB, but I also get 99.9% of that and don't have to worry about system files taking up hundreds of GBs. All I had to do after installing it was briefly format it and it was ready to go. I can now choose to install any or all games on it. I've decided to keep my PS5 games on the WD_BLACK and my PS4 games, apps, and video files on the stock SSD. This leaves me plenty of space on both SSDs.

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I now have 20+ games installed and still have plenty of space left for more such as MWII later this month, God of War Ragnarök next month, and NFS Unbound in December. I will never have to worry about my Share Factory Studio files not having enough space to save again.

Game Library.jpg

As you can see from the file sizes of some of these games, there is just no way I could ever do anything like this with a base PS5. Expanding storage is almost essential and I highly recommend it to anybody that plays a lot of games on their PS5.


I've yet to be able to test if I am able to notice the faster load speeds, but either way, it's going to be extremely quick. You may wonder why I didn't just an external drive and that is because only PS4 games can be stored on those. I play mostly PS5 games now and my only option was to add the SSD internally. This is also just way more appealing since I don't have a big drive hanging off to the side and I also don't have to worry about taking up one of my precious USB ports. I'm currently saving my last one for the upcoming PSVR2.


I'm not sure that my mom understands the extent of just how much this will benefit my gaming experience. I cannot be more thankful for the fact that she and my dad spent their hard-earned money on this thing for me. It's always difficult for me to accept gifts, but this one means a lot to both me and my parents.

If you have any questions about upgrading your PS5 storage, feel free to ask me. You can also check out this video from Kevin Kenson on YouTube where he goes into even more detail about how to install a new SSD inside a PS5.


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Same SSD I have in my PC. Feels like it’s never getting full.

That's dope! We both are lucky to have this thing. I'm already loving how I’m able to have so much downloaded at once.

OMG Happy birthday! Being away for 3 days feels like I have missed a lot, and I miss greeting you.
It's so nice to have that kind of parents! In their eyes, you're still their "baby" 😅

I think it was you who suggested a WD SSD to me before. Tbh, I still haven't bought one because it's so expensive! 😅 Sooo nice you got them as a gift!

So much can happen in 3 days. Also, there is a Hive hardfork happening today, in case you missed that too.

It probably was, I've been eyeing this SSD for many months today now and I am so psyched to finally have it. It works great! At least now they are about 50% cheaper than when they first became available.

Nice man. I’ve been looking at expanding the memory in mine too. Some of these games are way too big.

I feel like you almost have to unless you are just okay with constantly redownloading games. It's well worth the $130 to add 1 TB.

Your parents really understand what their beloved child needs and it is given on your special day. Cool, Bro!

I'm sure they did that as a form of appreciation for your maturity to manage your life well. A lot of parents are a bit annoyed with their kids getting too immersed in their games. There are even parents who destroy their children's expensive gaming equipment. !LOL
I think with the new equipment, you will invest more and more there.

Have fun and keep your parents happy and proud of you.

That's for sure, they are great at what they do too.

That looks super cool, man. It speeds up and increases storage space. My little computer needs something like this. I'm thinking of taking my computer to get cleaned soon, hopefully I can do it without any problems.

It’s a pretty big upgrade for me. Hopefully you’re able to do that.

Nice upgrade I believe that it will serve you well. congrats

This was undeniably worth it and I'm glad my time of waiting to install this new SSD is finally over.

Parents, regardless of our age, we will always be children if they can and have the opportunity, they will surely do everything possible to continue being the same overprotective parents

So true.

Wow that is a nice huge upgrade! Congratz!!

🚨 Very useful for the true Gamerz🚨


Hello daltono

Happy birthday man.
Yeah sizes of modern games are huge.It needs huge storage.Congrats for the upgradation.Enjoy your game play..all the best.

Thanks. Yes more storage is always welcomed in this modern age.

Happy Birthday! Do you know if I can install a conventional ssd to my ps4?

I know you're able to swap the PS4 Hard Drive, but it's not quite as easy as it is with the PS5. Plus with the PS5 you get to keep the base storage and the new SSD just adds to it. Where as with PS4 you can only have the old or new hard drive. Im pretty sure you can just use a regular external hard drive with the PS4, that might be the best route.

this ssd is good for you. Happy gaming.

Cool so now after expanding the memory, you can get a lot more goodies.
Good luck playing those goodies, mate.



wao now you can put thousands of games literally, ahh ame that you have in your catalog to crash.

wao ahora podras poner miles de juegos literal, ahh ame que tienes en tu catalago a crash.

it is great to be able to have a large amount of space to achieve greater storage of them. Parents are Parents despite our age they will always be there to pamper us

😉😊😎🤙 cool. Congrats on getting that.

It looks like it takes a little tinkering, but no biggie.. Nice.

All good to get your ps5 a little more powerful! Awesome.


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