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RE: Scarlet Nexus - First Impressions

in Hive Gaminglast year

This game looks so freaking cool. I actually play the demo and attempted to record a video of my play through. I didn’t really love the gameplay, it’s just not my style. And then after I finished recording the video I was sad to find out that I had my mic muted the entire time, so I just scrapped the idea all together. Looks like you are going to have fun with this one and I’m sure you’ll have more post coming about it soon. It’s undeniably a gorgeous game. The music was on point too!


I played the demo too, and I wasn't that into it just because I knew it would be a limited time playing it and there was just so much to learn. But now that I have it, it is pretty cool. It's fun to get a bit high and play it and then wonder what it would be like in real life to have this technology.

I didn’t even finish the demo tbh, I just wasn’t feeling it. The music and story seemed like the coolest parts. I could see myself enjoying watching others play this game though, it’s definitely a cool art style.

Ah dang man, r.i.p to mic. You should give it a chance though. I normally don't play too much jrpg games but this one is really fun.

I did the same thing with my mic on two videos in a row. Now I have a new mic and I refuse to let that silly error happen again.

I just have way too many other games at my disposal to force myself to get into this one. I’m sure after more time with it I’d learn to love it, but for how long? I couldn’t even push myself to finish FF7 Remake, go ahead call me crazy I know 😅

I didnt play the FF7 remake because I didnt want it to ruin my experience of the classic game when it was released. It was the game that got me into RPGs. That and Chronotrigger, but I never finished Chronotrigger because my brother traded it before I was done.

I see. The remake was my first FF game outside of trying the demo for XV briefly.
Your bro is an ass for getting rid of Chronotrigger before you were able to finish 😤