I finally got a new TV for my PS5

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Out with the old and in with the new 🤩

I had been gaming with my PS4 on an old Vizio 650-i B2 since 2015. My Vizio was a 65inch 1080p 60hz smart TV. Honestly this TV was amazing and I had so many great times with it. I was able to recently sell it for $150 which contributed to my savings on the new TV that I bought this past weekend.

Let me tell you the story about how I ended up with the new 4K TV that I chose to pair with my PlayStation 5.


My first 4K TV finally 🤯

The choice for a new TV to fit the potential power of my PS5 was somewhat limited. Not many TVs have adopted the new HDMI 2.1 standard. Some of the ones that have also come with their own concerns or a hefty price tag.

After several weeks of research and contemplation, I finally had narrowed my choice down to four TVs.

  • 49in LG NanoCell 85 Series
    This TV was on sale for $499 and was the cheapest tv that I was considering that had HDMI 2.1. I was going to have to wait until December 14th to get this one since it was out of stock everywhere.

  • 65in LG NanoCell 90 Series
    My local Best Buy had an open-box version of this TV available for $889. I went last weekend and the employees couldn’t find the TV anywhere in their stock room. I went back this past weekend to try again and a different employee was there and was able to find the open-box 90 series. The thing is it was missing the magic remote which costs $70!

  • 55in LG CX
    This seems to be the go to TV for most people when it comes to next-gen gaming. It is at the top of all of the review charts, but it had two glaring concerns for me. One was the price of $1,399 for the smaller 55in version and that was on sale! The other was the fact that it was an OLED, which don’t get me wrong is beautiful. However OLEDs are still a pretty new technology and they run the chance of having burn in issues on the screen. As a gamer who plays many games that have HUDs that often do not move. Plus the fact that I may leave my TV on while I do something else occasionally, I was slightly put off by the OLED despite it looking amazing in store. I wanted a TV that would last me years.

  • 65in Sony X900H
    I actually had only briefly checked out this TV before going to Best Buy yesterday. I took it off of my list at first because it was well over $1,000 when I was looking at it and I figured I may as well get the LG CX for an extra hundred or so dollars. When I was talking to the employee that found the open-box Nano 90, he informed me that I could get a brand new Sony X900 for just $110 more than the open-box Nano 90 that was missing the remote. I was sold since the Sony was on sale for $999, which was $400 cheaper than the price I had seen it at before.


Am I a Sony fanboy now 🤓

My console and my TV are both Sony branded, not necessarily on purpose either. I just purchased what worked best for me. I took into consideration my true desires and the best prices. It was not easy to wait patiently for years to get a new TV. It was especially hard to get a PS5 on day one and then continue to use my same old TV until Black Friday sales went active.


So far I am extremely happy 🙌

I’ve only had my new X900 setup for about a day now, but I am loving it so far. The picture is amazing when playing games at 4K 60fps. I haven’t gotten to try out 4K 120fps yet since none of my games run at that rate yet.

One of my favorite features is the simple fact that I can automatically turn on my TV with my PS5 DualSense controller. That and the fact that the DualSense has a mute button mean that I can use this TV to play video games without ever having to use the remote for the TV. Plus add in that I can use voice commands to control the TV and all sorts of other great features that Android TVs have to offer. I’m overwhelmed with new features honestly.


Waiting saved me a lot of money 🤑

I have already mentioned that the TV I purchased was on sale for $999 which was $400 off the normal price of $1,3999. I also said I sold my old Vizio TV for $150. One thing I haven’t mentioned until now is that I also had been saving $300 from my 28th birthday on October 9th, many thanks to my wonderful parents. I used that to lower the cost of the TV.

My total savings was $850!


This TV should last me the entire lifecycle of the PS5 🕰

I will not need to upgrade my TV again for many years. Just like the Vizio lasted me 5 years, I expect this one to do the same. I don't think I will have any need to purchase a new TV until the PS6 releases which is a very long time away; a minimum of 7 years I’d estimate. It feels good knowing my latest purchase does an excellent job of future proofing my gaming experience.

I cannot wait to experience 4K 120fps for the first time. I could do that now with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but I’m honestly tired of COD and didn’t purchase it this year. I instead will wait for another game that can hit those high performance marks. Until then I will thoroughly be enjoying my PS5 games in 4K, usually at 60fps.

I will surely be posting about my new Sony X900 again in the future once I’ve had much more time with it. You can expect to see a post about my pros and cons of owning this TV. I’m sure it won’t be perfect, but I feel like I will be pretty spoiled with the amazing new picture quality and speed.


Thanks for stopping by my blog today 👏


Man you are really going to have a good gaming experince

It is difficult to describe in words just how much fun I have been having with these two new purchases. My gaming time has increased recently, that's for sure.

Damn.... you got the new processor from Sony... I have the same previous model (same size).

Do you love your current Sony?
So far I am thrilled to have purchased this TV.

I like the image performance yes. The only thing I have to point is the not so frequent software updates which kind of leave sometimes, stuff buggy for a long time messing up. But it depends a bit and also on the model.

Unless you use your TV for a lot more than just "seeing things" you will be fine.

Seems like they are feeling the pressure to keep the one I purchased updated since they are marketing it as "Ready for PS5". Any issue needs to be ironed out quickly or there will be bad blood.
Thankfully everything has been smooth for me so far besides trying to run God of War at 4K 30fps. There was massive blur that made it unplayable. Luckily I preferred the 1080p with smooth 60fps anyways.

All of the other games I've played so far have looked flawless. Really loving it and excited to test out 120fps. I think the first game I will play that had that feature is Rogue Company whenever they release that patch. Series X just got it. I didn't pick up COD or Devil May Cry.
Maybe CyberPunk 2077 will be 120fps, but doesn't look like that's happening until the free next-gen upgrade comes in 2021.

I am feeling tempted to update my GPU... it's been a while. I think kids will need to wait for their birthdays to get a cheaper version of PS5 lol.

I dont know why is everything so much cheaper in United States than i Europe (it would cost me 1500$).

That's a good question. I have never really taken the time to compare prices over seas. I am glad I didn't have to pay anymore than I already did, because it was a lot.

And you are really lucky however I do have to count my blessings that I got a new game for my Nintendo switch today and that is more precious to me at the moment because I don't exactly have internet connection to run games as well as power requirements...

Maybe one day however awesome job with that PS5.

Really hope to get one at some point in the future myself and apparently my favorite game will follow my account on over.

I am well aware that I am living a very blessed life. I am thankful every single day for what I have.

What new game did you get for your Nintendo Switch? Age of Calamity is my guess. I haven't played my Switch in many months.

When the time comes that you can adopt a PlayStation 5, I will celebrate with you. This new console is a great revolution in gaming. This is the upgrade that I have been needing. The PS5 & TV together are more than I could ask for.

Hello dear friend @daltono good night
Your joy and energy that you radiate passes the screen of my pc. I can perceive the joy you feel. congratulations on getting the best fit for your technical needs.
Karma exists dear friend, when you do things well and without looking at someone, these things happen. Congratulations

I'm sorry that it doesn't happen as often as before, at this time I arrive very tired,

I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and happy dreams, if you do, do it big, success comes from our dreams.

This is a very exciting moment for me, I'm happy you can sense my joy.

I am always happy to see a reply from you. Never am I sad when you don't stop by my blog. I know it is very difficult to take the time to leave detailed comments like you do so well.

You truly are a great curator and friend.

Thanks @jlufer

Damn homie and a new TV to go with it! Dope!

I hadn't made any big purchases like this in quite awhile. I had been holding out for the longest time it seemed. So when I pulled the trigger on the PS5 & Sony TV, it really felt damn good.

I heard only good things about this sony TV. My bf is a huge fan of Sony products and he loves the TV's from them :)

So far so good. I lucked out getting this bad boy on sale like this. Very happy I talked to a knowledgeable employee at Best Buy. He gave me accurate information and treated me like a friend more than a customer. Bravo to him.

Your bf sounds like a cool guy.

That's awesome and a rare thing! My bf would love a job like that. He always knows all the information about any product tech-related even before it's released or barely announced :)

Thanks for sharing

And I thank you for taking the time to comment.